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New Disney Store Concept to be unveiled this summer

The Disney Store will unveil it’s new design at its Montebello, CA (near Los Angeles) and Madrid, Spain stores this summer. The magical new design brings theme park quality storytelling and new technology that rivals an Apple Store to the Disney Store brand.

Disney Store is poised to redefine children’s retail, launching a magical new store design in major markets across the United States and Europe this summer. The innovative Disney Store design will be unveiled for the first time in June at The Shops at Montebello in Montebello, CA just outside of Los Angeles, followed by the European premiere in early July in Madrid, Spain at La Vaguada. A unique destination developed from a child’s perspective, the new store design integrates the latest technology to create an enhanced shopping experience inspired by Disney’s most popular characters and stories.

“We have infused Disney magic into all elements of this one-of-a-kind retail experience, and have selected prime retail centers to launch the Disney Store of the future,” said Jim Fielding, president of Disney Stores Worldwide. “Special features like the iconic Disney Princess castle with magic mirror and the Disney Store Theater are just two of the amazing elements in the new store that will enrich every child and family’s experience at the Disney Store.”

After closing many locations that just wouldn’t work with the new concept or where Disney felt it could get a better deal on a lease, more than 20 new and remodeled Disney Store locations are slated to open this year in premier retail centers throughout North America and Europe. North American locations have been confirmed for Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, New York; Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, California; International Plaza in Tampa, Florida; Stockton St. in San Francisco, CA; and Fashion Valley in San Diego, CA. European locations cover four markets with openings in Spain, Portugal, Italy and the UK. These include NorteShopping in Oporto, Portugal; Orio Center in Bergamo, Italy; and UK locations including Centre MK in Milton Keynes, Parliament Street in York, Bon Accord Centre in Aberdeen and Donegal Place in Belfast.

Oddly, I don’t see Anaheim, Orlando, Paris, Tokyo, or Hong Kong on that list? Theme park locals are out of luck, I guess.

Each new store has special significance and will be celebrated as an important milestone in Disney Store’s growth and evolution.

  • Roosevelt Field will be the first east coast newly-designed store to open in the United States.
  • In August, Disney Store will join a group of exclusive retailers for the re-opening of the new Santa Monica Place shopping center near the legendary Santa Monica Pier in southern California. Santa Monica Place is a modern shopping and dining destination that combines contemporary styles with sustainable architecture, and Disney Store will offer a comprehensive assortment of unique Disney products to the elite clientele.
  • Disney Store at International Plaza in Tampa, Florida will be nearest to Walt Disney World Resort, allowing families to visit both this summer.
  • Fashion Valley brings together San Diego’s finest collection of stores set in a beautiful outdoor shopping center, and the newly-designed Disney Store will launch there this summer.
  • Disney Store will join retailers in the historic Union Square of San Francisco, one of the largest shopping areas in the United States. Union Square became San Francisco’s shopping epi-center in the early 1900s and today, upscale stores and hotels surround Union Square, and shopping extends blocks from the central plaza.

In Europe, Oporto will be the first Disney Store to open in the north of Portugal and only the second to open in the country, following the successful launch of the brand to the market in 2007.

With each new store opening in 2010, Disney Store will designate a day for 10 percent of the sales to be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the U.S., Spain, Italy and Portugal and to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity in the UK.

15 thoughts on “New Disney Store Concept to be unveiled this summer”

  1. two things…one, I’d like to see the Disney Stores not only being aimed squarely at kids. There are adults that like the Disney brand and would be able to buy things like watches and neckties and things like that. You know, things that USED to be available for purchase at Disney Stores, before they got turned into princess and Pooh repositories starting around 2000/2001.

    And two, please, please PLEASE don’t let them oversaturate the market again. Make it a destination within driving distance. They don’t need one at every mall, but one within a 50-100 mile radius of most major cities would be good. Think “Apple Store,” not “The Gap.”

    OK, I’m done grumbling now.

  2. I also don’t see any Australian cities on that list above. When I visited the US in March, it was fantastic to hit the Disney Store in Carlbard Mall as my wife and I thought it was like visiting a candy store. Nice to get things that are not found in the usual retail stores Down Under.
    Since the last store closed in Australia early 2002 or 2003 Australian’s are straved for the Disney products that the chain sells. I remember the store being busy all the time in Brisbane QLD when it existed.

  3. I am soooo happy to know that the Disney Store is making a comeback to quality and putting a good show back onstage. I agree with Chris W.and hope that they will remember that there are adults who love Disney and would like to shop for merchandise too!! I was a cast member at a Disney Store and remember helping countless guests in their gift searching for that special someone in their life. Here’s to bringing back the Disney Store as it once was – for the WHOLE family.

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  8. I olike the idea. So many retailer are going with the “apple” style.
    I just hope hiring qulities go up too. Don’t get me wrong there are some amazing people working for Disney (stores and parks) but then there are some that I am like how did they get thru? Totally not spreading the magic.
    ANyhoo I love the fact they started to do instore events, pretty cool concept even though they were a lil disorganized (again staffing issues) hope that stays.
    And i agree bring back stuff I want to buy for me! i guess its ok, more $$ stay in my pocket. LOL

  9. Look forward to seeing this new store in the UK soon but hope it’s not too stacked towards young children that the only place available to adults retail range is the Parks in Paris and the world.

  10. I’m not all that surprised that they aren’t planning on opening stores in cities that already have Disney Parks. Why would Orlando need a Disney Store when they have World of Disney? I’m sure all of the Disney Parks have similar shopping locations that would preclude the need for a Disney Store in the same city.

  11. @ Stephen Hughes – Yes, I know. There should be a Disney store at least somewhere in Australia! However all the stores (that EVERYONE I know used to visit) are long gone. These days, the only way to still get some of the Disney products are online. It sucks badly! We love Disney down here in Australia – but we aren’t catered for at all anymore.

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