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Disney Store Deal Official

CNBC and Reuter’s has breaking news that Children’s Place and Disney have made official the deal transfering control of the stores to the children’s retailer. It’s a shame that the cast members who worked hard to make The Disney Stores magical are getting the short end of the stick here. For instance, employees of the Walt Disney Company will get a 30% discount at The Disney Stores, however workers at The Disney Store will only get a few free tickets to the themeparks. Many cast members have already posted here that they will be leaving the stores shortly if they haven’t left already.

1 thought on “Disney Store Deal Official”

  1. Today was my last shift as a Cast Member at the Disney Store after more than 9 years with the company. If you are as unhappy about Disney employees keeping their discount at the Stores while we have lost our discounts at the parks, I URGE YOU to consider leaving the Disney Store -and NOW, not later. And if this sounds bitter to my fellow cast members – of course I am, and after 9 years with the company, I have a right to be. If you are in California like me, keep in mind that we are AT WILL EMPLOYEES, meaning we can quit at any time, with no advance notice required, and not even give a reason. Many managers abuse this aspect of employment law, and in fact many employees don’t know about it. There are other states that are AT WILL as well. I know we are all taught to be nice and all, but if we leave now, they will feel it when it counts the most, during the holiday season. And if any of you are wondering WHAT AM I GONNA DO NOW?…well, I AM NOT GOING TO DISNEYLAND tomorrow, that’s for sure! Six Flags, anyone? Universal?

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