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Pirates Game of Life

PotclifeWas finally able to get my hands on the latest Disney themed game from Milton Bradley. The Game of Life – Pirates of the Caribbean edition, is a fun game where you can spend a couple hours climbing the ranks of Pirate-dom, attacking other ships, and gathering loot.

Our game with three players lasted just over an hour. The rules were based on the original game of life and easy to understand if you’ve ever played the original version. One of the greatest features of the game is the large game board. It’s filled with all sorts of Disney references including homages to some of the original Imagineers of Disney’s famous attraction.

The Game of Life: Pirates of the Caribbean Edition is a themepark exclusive, which means you have to visit a Disney Themepark to get your hands on one. If you can’t make it to a themepark you can always use a shopping service such as the one offered by (via the above links).