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Disney Store Benefits

The most recent comment on the Disney Store thread by ‘Billy’ mentions the new status of Disney Discounts and Benefits that will be available to employees of The Disney Store now that they have been purchased by The Children’s Place. If Billy’s post is true, then it looks like The Disney Stores will end up having to replace many, if not most, of their front line employees as these cast discounts and benefits fall way short of what they deserve. On the other hand, it looks like the managers will be getting much better benefits, so there is good incentive for them to stay on.

9 thoughts on “Disney Store Benefits”

  1. I have been a cast member at the Disney Store for almost 10 years and have loved every minute of it. We have already been told that once the sale to Children’s Place goes through (New expected date is 11/21) we, as Children’s Place employees will NOT get any discount at the theme parks. Today I learned that after the sale goes through, employees of the Walt Disney Company will still be able to come into the Disney Store and get their employee discount, which is changing to 30%. If Disney Store/Children’s Place employees won’t get a discount at the Parks, then why will Disney employees get a discount at Disney Store/Children’s Place? It doesn’t seem fair to me. Is anyone representing our interests? It seems like Disney is negotiating a very bad deal for us.

  2. Kristin, I’m sorry to say that my sources tell me that Disney Store/Children’s Place employees will not be getting any discount at Disney Company properties. I agree it’s not fair. But I imagine that Children’s Place had to do some serious negotiating just to get you the park passes. The Mouse House has gotten very stingy with its discounts recently. Things might change for Disney Store employees in the future, if sales go well, it probably wouldn’t hurt to ask management what they can do for you starting next year.

  3. After 7 years working at The Disney Store this is my last year. After mim. wage in NYS went from $5.15 to $6.00 I was making the same amount as someone who just started for the Xmas season. Along with this I lost 5% of my store discount. When working for Disney you recieved a 20% discount for the first 3 years. After that you recieved 35%. We lost any discounts at the parks and the catalog. Managers STILL recieve discounts at the park AND recieve a Purple pass which allows them and 3 guests into the park for free. Yes we do get 3 one day, one park pass BUT that is one less than we use to get. They use to be park hoppers AND goog for 18 months. With what we make most can not afford to go to Disney every year. It use to be we could save up our passes and go at least every 2 years. CP just gave all CM their review. With the grading system they have not one CM in my store scored over a “C”. This turns into a $.12 raise. So now after 7 years I am making the same amount of money that someone with less than one year makes! CP pays alot less than Disney ever had. I keep hearing CP is going to make all these wonderful changes. To me every time they change things they take something else away from us devoted CM’s. The fun is all gone and it become very demanding. I’m now just waiting for my August vacation so I can get my passes then I’m done with the CP version of the Disney Store.

  4. If anyone knows me they know how much of a Disney fan I am. I recently wrote about my feelings about Eisner and everything he did to us Disney Store Castmembers and how he made a huge profit in my commits about the $101 Million Dollar Deal. I actually should have posted it here. I have worked for the company for 31/2 years and loved it, until November came. We heard so many rumors that we would still get our 20% or 35% at the parks when we shopped and when we ate. But ofcourse it was all a lie; and I agree with Kristin (above) things aren’t fair. I have had Castmembers from Disneyworld come in and in his words “yeah we know you don’t get your discounts anymore (with a smile) and we all are thankful for that, because you all aren’t real Castmembers…..but at least I can get my discount here when I want.” Never would I have rubbed that into someone elses face the way he did. Getting to go to company D and getting our small discounts showed me I was among the best and most happiest company, I was apart of Disney the way I always wanted to be. I can’t move to Florida or California, I’m a single mom, still full-time in College and can not get up and move. But now after I really see what Disney has become (behind the public’s back) I don’t want to be known like that. I want to be known for the way Walt had a vision, to make children and adults equally happy, to show what Disney is really about family. Eisner did not know nothing about family or Walt’s real dream, he was all about and still is (as the one who controls the new CEO) about money and getting his dirty hands on it. Walt was about family and many may not know this but he tried to make his stories (Snow White, Peter Pan, Lady and The Tramp, etc.) reflect upon Christian beliefs.

  5. Is there a customer service phone number/ hotline for employees of the disney store to call if they need to discus a work related issue?

    Please let me know!



  6. is this site still “alive”? seems the last posting was almost a year ago.

    I worked for ABC–then Capitol Cities–and the coup d’gras–Disney…for 32 years…

    wanted to know what is going on these days, on this site, etc. thanks, phoebe

  7. This site is alive and thriving. You just happen to be commenting to a post from October 31, 2004! Although, by you doing so you’ve pulled me back here, and I’ll bet others will follow.

    In the meantime you can get more recent information by following any number of links on this page.

  8. is anyone really doing anything about this unfair treatment. from what i have found from working with this new employer is we are no good for the true disney company and when we go to any children place were not worthy there. i get treated like an unwanted flea every time i shop there and have to show my employee card. what are we going to do. we are the front line in making there sales, we are what helps build and run their empire. how much longer are we going to complain and when are we really going to do something? how much in sales do we each make for this company and how much profit do they make from us? does our pay really have to be so low? why don’t we get benefits? who is suppose to be held accountable? the leasing company? or the company with it’s name stamped all over everything we sell? how would the consumer really feel if they new how we felt? why are we afraid to let them know? why are we afraid of there reaction? are we not all disney store customers as well?

  9. Sorry to drag this up again, but does anyone know the status of benefits for Disney Store employees in Europe? Disney still owns those stores. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Disney and that working for them is one of my biggest dreams. I can start working this year and I’m hoping to work at the local Disney Store. My friends and I are going to Disneyland Paris next year and I want to know if I cna make it a little cheaper for everyone.

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