Haunted Mansion Big Fig

Ever wanted to own your own Haunted Mansion? Don’t have $37,000 to secure a place inside for your tombstone? What would you consider the ultimate collectible for the Mansion? How about a bigfig?

Big figures are the new collecting craze in the Disneyana field. These figures typically range 18 inches to 24 inches tall and have amazing detail, light up features, and take a up a lot of shelf space. The Disneyland Haunted Mansion version has just been released and it’s already selling much faster than they can keep them in stock. Doombuggies.com has pix and at least one is up on ebay. You might try calling Disney DelivEARS to order one. Their number is: 800-362-4533

7 thoughts on “Haunted Mansion Big Fig”

  1. Hi everyone

    I am desperate, trying to find if there really is one a Big fig of Stitch, can anyone help me.



  2. yes there is a stitch big figure. you can find it on ebay and all over the internet. ranges from 150.00 and up. happy new year

  3. There are actually 5 Stitch Big Figs. Two of wich you can get right now.

    1.) Stitch with a coconut and hawaii shirt – oldest and most expensive.
    2.) Alien Stitch (Disney Auctions) – sold out but still available on ebay HUGE!!!
    3.) Stitch playing guitar on beach – Call Art of Disney, was available last time I was there.
    4.) Santa Stitch holding ornament – Available at Art of Disney now
    5.) Santa Stitch with Christmas Tree in bag – Available from Disney Auctions right now on Ebay.

  4. Anyone know the numbers made on any of the big figs? I know they are/were open editions so-to-speak, but there had to be a retired/sold number?

  5. Happy Holidays, I am looking for the haunted mansion, frontierland and also fantasyland Big Figs Id like to buy these. please post a comment if you want to sell.Iam a collecter and want these to finish my set. I have The tiki room and Splash Mountain.

  6. I am looking for the Haunted Mansion big fig. If anyone has one they could part with, let me know. Thanks.

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