Disney Wonder Trip Report

Calvacanti has been kind enough to post a bi-lingual trip report with pictures of their recent Disney Wonder cruise. I particularly like this picture of Castaway Cay. Makes me wish I was there right now.

1 thought on “Disney Wonder Trip Report”

  1. I took the 3 night cruise on the Wonder ending Dec 5, 2004. I wonder why they are still in business with food service this bad. My first night, I ordered a sirloin medium rare and it came to me well done… twice. I had the late seating and by the time the second piece of shoe leather was on my table it was almost 10PM. They could not for the life of them cook a steak so I had to go without dinner. This failure was repeated every night of the cruise. Also, be prepaired to spend a small fortune on the ‘private island’ where everything except the really bad hotdogs costs at least $6 extra. The wine list was pathetic and way overpriced even with the ‘specials’. What a disappointment. On the other hand, the kids loved the cruise and the bad food and the charge-for-every-little-thing attitude meant little to them.

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