Roy Disney sell out or visionary?

At Scenes from a Hat Bigby wonders if Roy Disney sold out. He draws this list of items Roy himself said the company had to solve before Roy would end his campaign.

  • 10 years of declining performance
  • failing strategy
  • lack of executive depth
  • decline in working conditions and cast morale
  • failure of ABC network
  • failure of
  • failure of Fox (now ABC) Family network
  • failure of Disney Stores
  • failure of California Adventure theme park
  • failure of extending the Pixar deal

… failures that cost the shareholders over $7B.

I can see an argument for three or four of the list, but there is a long way to go on many of them.

2 thoughts on “Roy Disney sell out or visionary?”

  1. The very quick and quiet wrap-up of this long battle certainly has raised my eyebrows and caused me to wonder about the details of the deal. With no more than a single P.R. paragraph to go on, it seems at first glance that perhaps Roy has just tired of the fight. And just before DL’s birthday, no less.

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