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Disney’s Aladdin Musical Finds Magic on Broadway

Disney Theatrical, working with director and choreographer Casey Nicholaw, has brought Disney’s animated hit Aladdin to the great white way of New York, New York – Broadway. Tony Award winner Alan Menken composed the music and Howard Ashman and Tim Rice’s original lyrics are augmented… Read More »Disney’s Aladdin Musical Finds Magic on Broadway

Disney Aladdin Marquee Arrives on Broadway


Previews for the Disney Aladdin Broadway musical start February 26th, but tickets are on sale now. To help get the world out the marquee has been updated on the New Amsterdam theater complete with the genie in a bottle. Here’s a time-lapse video of the transformation:

Missing The Newsies already? Don’t worry. The show starts is US Tour in October of 2014.

Follow us below the jump for videos highlighting two artists from the show — Director and Choreographer Casey Nicholaw and writer Chad Beguelin.

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Disney’s Frozen Heading To Broadway?

The Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film Frozen has been cleaning up at the box office, the record store, and soon could be dusting Broadway with its magical spell. Marshal already speculated on this possibility about a week ago. Disney CEO Bob Iger recently confirmed… Read More »Disney’s Frozen Heading To Broadway?

Disney on Broadway, The Best Disney Experience Anywhere


As Disney fans, we love the magic, fantasy and wonder that come with the company. Whether it be the first time you see fireworks explode over the castle, or watch Cinderella get her ballgown, it is all incredible and can only be experienced through Disney. The most magical, however, comes from the Disney on Broadway branch of the company and must be experienced at least once in everyone’s life.

First off, live theater is the most incredible experience on the planet, Disney or otherwise. The singing, dancing, production…it is mind boggling how fantastic it can be. When you factor in Disney to the equation though, the incredible element increases.

My first Broadway show was Mary Poppins in Disney’s New Amsterdam Theatre. Going in, I was excited. The grandeur of the theater mixed with the butterflies in my stomach created some pretty high expectations. As the curtain rose, Bert appeared on stage and I was transported to Cherry Tree Lane. The classic songs in these new arrangements paired with gorgeous vocals and amazing dance numbers (Bert tap danced on the ceiling!) made me fall in love with theater. As Mary Poppins flew over the audience during the finale, I knew, this is where Disney shines brightest.

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Disney’s Newsies The Musical – “King of New York”

By all accounts Newsies The Musical is filled with toe tapping show stopping dancer numbers performed by high energy dancers which end in countless standing ovations night after night. Okay, maybe not quite all accounts, but it’s a pretty good show with a lot of… Read More »Disney’s Newsies The Musical – “King of New York”

Disney’s The Lion King Ruler of Broadway

Disney Theatrical’s production of “The Lion King” just surpassed “Phantom of the Opera” as the highest grossing show on Broadway. The hit musical based on the animated film, has generated a total of $853.8 million in ticket sales since opening on Broadway in 1997. They’re… Read More »Disney’s The Lion King Ruler of Broadway

“Peter Pan” Prequel Headed to Broadway

Yesterday, Disney Theatrical Productions confirmed that “Peter and the Starcatcher” will open on Broadway next spring. Similar to the feeling of the smash hit “Wicked,” the story follows the boy who will become Peter Pan. Some other familiar faces appear, including the pirate who will… Read More »“Peter Pan” Prequel Headed to Broadway

Disney in Times Square, New York City

Disney has been invading New York City’s Times Square ever since Beauty and the Beast opened at the Palace Theater in 1994. With the closure of Tarzan and Little Mermaid, it may appear Disney’s influence is on the ebb, but with my visit yesterday, I found that to be anything but true.

The whole area has been turned into a metropolitan version of Main Street U.S.A. complete with pedestrians walking in the middle of the street, a giant emporium, amusement attractions and, it wouldn’t be Time Square without it, millions of glowing light bulbs. (I’d hate to be the person responsible for replacing those that burn out.)

The ‘Disneyfication’ of New York is astounding and nearly complete. There are still some rough edges, but that’s to be expected in New York. It’s part of the city’s charm. Either way, the tourists didn’t seem to mind, I half expected to see a band marching around or some walk-around characters… Turns out, I wasn’t disappointed.

Join me  below the jump and let’s go on a little walking tour and see for ourselves.

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