Jack’s coming back – Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel coming in comic book

Fans of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas have been waiting decades to hear these important words – Jack’s coming back. Tokyopop comics has been approved to continue the stop-motion classic in comic book form. “Nightmare before Christmas: Zero’s Journey” will…

Two New Posters from Disney’s Big Hero Six


Disney’s next animated feature draws inspiration from a Marvel comic book — “Big Hero 6.” Set in a futuristic San Fransokyo, the movie features a robotic prodigy named Hiro Hamada and his companion robot named Baymax. We did get to see a teaser trailer last month and now Disney has released two new posters for the movie.


So far, I’m really enjoying the art design on the film too. The comic book was originally set in Tokyo, but Disney’s artists have created an imaginary future world of SanFranokyo that allows them to create amazing scenes like in this concept art:


Full synopsis is below the jump: