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Stan Lee writes memoir in Graphic Novel Form


The LA Times is reporting that Marvel’s Generalissimo, Stan Lee, is writing his own memoir. That, by itself, is exciting news. Stan Lee not only witnessed but played a huge part in the rise of comic books from the 60’s to today. Even more exciting is how his memoir is going to be published.

“As Marvel just celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary, I thought maybe it’s time for a look at my life in the one form it has never been depicted, as a comicbook … or if you prefer, a graphic memoir,” said Stan Lee. With his usual sense of humility he added, “It strikes me as a horrendous oversight that I haven’t done it before! If I didn’t know everything about my life already, I’d envy your voyage of discovery!”

Stan Lee began is career in comics by accident, starting out as a gofer for Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Over the years he’s risen to become a pop culture icon. His memoir, “Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir” will be released on October 6. Pre-order it today!

What is your favorite Stan Lee cameo appearance?

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