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Figment returns in new comic from Disney Kingdoms


Disney Kingdoms’ second title, Figment, was a huge success so it comes as no surprise that Disney announced that the next series in Marvel’s comic line will be Figment 2 (though it’s also no less exciting. The first one was great).

Jim Zub, who wrote the first story, is returning to write the sequel with Ramon Bachs doing the art.

So, where do we find Dreamfinder and Figment this time? If you read the first one you know that the duo ended up discovering a certain over-sized golf ball and that’s where Zub says they begin:

“Figment and Dreamfinder are now in the modern world and they’re going to discover that a lot of things have changed in their absence. The legacy of dreams and imagination they left behind more than a hundred years ago is greater than they ever expected, but they’re going to find it hard to live up to their own legend.”

Check out the Disney Parks Blog for more from Jim Zub in an interview with Steven Miller.

Have you been reading the Disney Kingdoms series? What attractions or characters would you like to see them explore?