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Disney Fan Artist ponders Moana


Disney’s first Polynesian Princess Moana is already inspiring fan art from around around the globe. Of course, we only have concept art to inspire us at the moment.

Enter artist Nyko from Tahiti. Tahiti, of course, is part of French Polynesia, which gives Nyko some “street cred” when it comes to what a Polynesian Princess might look like. She’s created a video that gives an idea of what Moana may look like.

She starts with Disney princess familiar with the sea, Ariel:

What I like about these videos is you get to see a little of the artistic process as she makes her Fan art.

For her second video in the “Maybe Moana” series, she uses Pocahontas for a launching point.

It will be interesting to see how close Nyko’s inspirations are to the real thing.

Moana is currently projected to sail into theaters as Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 56th film on November 23, 2016.

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