Disney’s Magic Kingdom Mountain Range is about to get its fourth member – Snow White’s Mountain (just trying that on for size, no official name for the mountain has been revealed). The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train that rolls across the low hills of the mountain is getting closer to opening and in fact past an important milestone this week. In an online chat Imagineers revealed that a ride vehicle has been fitted to the track and can now be maneuvered by hand completely around the track. That’s big as it means systems testing can’t be too far behind.


The ride height for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster was confirmed to have a height requirement of 38″. That puts it above Barnstormer at 35″, but less restrictive than Big Thunder which requires 40″. That’s about what was expected. I would have liked to seen 36″, but I understand it’s a new ride system (with first of their kind ride vehicles), so better to be cautious when first opening.

I have a new video of construction progress on the attraction below the jump:


Here’s the latest update from the last attraction scheduled to open in New Fantasyland – the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Construction is definitely moving along. More of back side, Prince Eric’s Village across from The Little Mermaid, is finished and detail rock work starting to wrap completely around the mountain. They’ve added the last piece of track and have begun working on some of the details around the track. That said there’s still a long way to go for a 2014 opening.

Don’t have time for a video? I’ve included some photos below the jump:

Colorful entrance has a ticket book, since this is supposed to be part of a circus midway. Beautiful detail work and I love the hidden history carrying over the socks and pants from the old attraction.

Yes, That’s the full attraction name – The Barnstormer Featuring Goofy as The Great Goofini. Can someone check and see if that is the longest attraction name and can someone tell me what was wrong with Goofy’s Barnstormer. Which conveyed basically the same thing, and actually had a barn.

I’m actually quite happy with the upgrade, quibbles about the circus theme aside. However, I realized I posted an update to Storybook Circus about new posters in the land, but I had neglected to link to the original posters, which can be found in and around the Barnstormer queue. So let’s fix that right now.

I love these posters located around in in the queue. The Monkey is on all the posters. Apparently he does not have a name, so let’s have it fan community. What do we call the monkey?

Could this be a future attraction?