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West coaster at WDW

Today we hit Magic Kingdom there are moments when it can feel like Anahiem and others where my brain gets a little confused. Space Mountain isn’t in the right place in tomorrowland and there’s entirely too much open space. In fact the Walt Disney World Resort is huge, it is impossible to imagine just how… Read More »West coaster at WDW

Big Thunder Returns?

Update: Looks like BTMRR was up and running last night in a limited capacity. After reading more about the report it looks like this last accident was really a series of unfortunate circumstances that happened in a row. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the runaway train themed coaster at Disneyland, CA, is expected to return to… Read More »Big Thunder Returns?

More Animal Kingdom Pics

MKT has been kind enough to upload some more pictures of the damage Hurricane Charley did to the landscaping at Animal Kingdom. Mind you, this is after two days of cleanup. Also included are some photos of the construction of the next big attraction for Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Mt Everest Expedition (a thrilling roller… Read More »More Animal Kingdom Pics

Tivoli Gardens and Walt

Michael Barrier, whose series on Disney in Europe I’ve linked to previously, has posted the fourth column in the series. This time he explores Tivoli Gardens, how it looks today, what Walt might have seen, and how Disneyland and Tivoli are both similar and dissimilar. There’s a great photo of Walt at Tivoli Gardens in… Read More »Tivoli Gardens and Walt

The World on the Street

I grew up in and around Portland Oregon (learned to use computers at OMSI). So I like to keep my finger on the pulse of the city. The advent of Blogs have made that so much easier. Brandon keeps an interesting blog for those who… Read More »The World on the Street