West coaster at WDW

Today we hit Magic Kingdom there are moments when it can feel like Anahiem and others where my brain gets a little confused. Space Mountain isn’t in the right place in tomorrowland and there’s entirely too much open space. In fact the Walt Disney World Resort is huge, it is impossible to imagine just how much unused open space there is here.

It’s always interesting to see how someone familiar with Disneyland views Disney World when they visit there. Jay is from California and is posting his trip report, with photos, to Disney World on his blog.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog. We had a ton of fun and managed to avoid the four hurricanes altogether. For those wondering where in my blog the trip info is, click on the “September” archives. Scroll all the way down and work your way up. The entire middle section is filled with my dumb comments and a lot of pictures of us while in the “Reedy Creek Improvement District”.

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