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The Barnstormer Featuring Goofy as The Great Goofini

Colorful entrance has a ticket book, since this is supposed to be part of a circus midway. Beautiful detail work and I love the hidden history carrying over the socks and pants from the old attraction.

Yes, That’s the full attraction name – The Barnstormer Featuring Goofy as The Great Goofini. Can someone check and see if that is the longest attraction name and can someone tell me what was wrong with Goofy’s Barnstormer. Which conveyed basically the same thing, and actually had a barn.

I’m actually quite happy with the upgrade, quibbles about the circus theme aside. However, I realized I posted an update to Storybook Circus about new posters in the land, but I had neglected to link to the original posters, which can be found in and around the Barnstormer queue. So let’s fix that right now.

I love these posters located around in in the queue. The Monkey is on all the posters. Apparently he does not have a name, so let’s have it fan community. What do we call the monkey?

Could this be a future attraction?

Andy Kaufman eat your heart out.

In case you missed it. Duo hidden mickeys.

Goofy’s amassed an odd collection of first and second aid items, plus damaged helmets. Rough life as a pilot.

Instead of flying through a barn, you break through a sign. However, notice the nicely themed stroller parking area. So you win some, you lose some.

A little closer look at that sign

Wait times were about 30-60 minutes, but have been averaging around 20 minutes during the day. This will be the Fastpass/xPass queue. Note the bulls-eye shade covers over the standby queue.

It’s a little hard to see, but there is one burnt match and the fuse is lit.

The rocket’s named Dolores. That was also the name of the Elephant first seen in the Goofy short film “Tiger Trouble” (1945)  in again the 1948 Goofy’ short The Big Wash. Dolores’ last appearance was in the Donald short “Working for Peanuts,” which also featured Chip & Dale.

The back of this sign is a tribute to Wiseacre Farms. The area where Goofy’s Barnstormer was located in back when this area was Toontown Fair.

Here’s Dolores the rocket crashed and smoking.

Goofy still having troubles completing his stunts.

A look at the entrance gate at night

As you can see, Storybook Circus really looks beautiful at night. Here’s a little more of Storybook Circus at Day and Night in our latest video:

Believe it or not, this isn’t the end of the updates from Storybook Circus. I still have to post all the details from the new train station. The final post will tie it all together. What do you think so far?

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