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Dancing with the Stars: Week 4 Results

After a night of crazies – cowboys! lambadas! Louis Van Amstel wearing lipstick! – it’s time for our contestants to face the music and find out their fate. Melissa and Mark were chosen for this week’s encore performance – they would have been my pick… Read More »Dancing with the Stars: Week 4 Results

Dancing With The Stars – Season 9 Premiere

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Editor: Everyone please welcome guest author Missy to The Disney Blog  She’ll be alternating coverage of Dancing With The Stars with The Disney Chick.

Ah, autumn. Time for crisp, cool weather; beautiful colors in the trees; and lots of reality television. Whether you like dancing, or celebrities, or awkward pseudo-famous people who don’t know the Paso Doble from their elbow … it’s time for Dancing with the Stars!

Tonight is night one of a three-night extravaganza. With a record-setting 16 stars, the dancing will take place over two nights, for a full two hours each night. Tonight it’s the guys, and they drive that fact home hard with an opening number set to “The Boys Are Back in Town.” Our eight professional men are lowered into the audience on a giant lighted rickety-looking elevatorish thing. They then proceed to kick and twirl and flail in synch, and it’s a delightfully ghastly way to open the season.

Let’s meet the stars! The horns blare, the lights flash, and the celebrities come down the stairs. Aaron, Chuck, Mark, Ashley, Donny, Louie, Michael, and Tom are followed by Debi, Melissa, Mya, Kathy, Natalie, Macy, Joanna, and Kelly. We pan down the row of pairs as the trumpet player in the band goes absolutely crazy with a solo. Go, trumpet guy!

Tom and Samantha gab about the super tough opening week: everyone will have to do both a Latin dance and a ballroom dance on their very first night. No wonder it’s taking 70 hours this week. Wednesday will be a double elimination, with the lowest-scoring man and woman going home. Now, on to the dancing!

Aaron Carter & Karina Smirnoff: Aaron had his first pop single when he was 8 years old. He strikes me as a scruffier, not-quite-as-sweet Cody Linley. He does a bunch of big, awkward gymnastics when he and Karina first meet. Then he puts on Cuban heels to learn the Cha-Cha-Cha, and pairs them with some really atrocious clothes. Is that a tank top or the bodice of a dirndl? I really shouldn’t be able to see this kid’s nipples in the neckhole of his shirt. Egads. The dance begins, and it’s all over the place. He stomps, he stumbles, he slides. There are a few good moves hidden in there, and it looks like he may actually have potential. Certainly there’s room for improvement. Karina’s gold-fringed pants are incredibly distracting, and Aaron almost drops her at their final pose. Len agrees that there’s potential. Bruno thinks the energy is all over the place. Carrie Ann makes a vaguely uncomfortable joke about little Aaron Carter all grown up and looking good. The scores come in 7-8-7, which seems a little high to me.

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Dancing with the Stars: Semi-Final Results

So, with three couples it could be, tonight’s results show will be interesting.  And you can tell how far into the season we are getting by how much they start plugging the guests who will be singing instead of telling us which stars are safe and which one is going.  Shall we get to it?

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Dancing with the Stars: Season Seven Quarter Finals

Can you believe we’re at the quarter finals of this season already?  The year is moving quickly.  This week, the five remaining stars will have two routines, one Ballroom and one Latin.  The twist for this week is they’ll have to do a solo during the Latin round.  That should really separate the top dancers from those who are just barely hanging on.

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Dancing with the Stars: 7-6 Results

The last 24 hours have been interesting, to say the least. Carrie Ann’s comments to Cloris sparked off many a comment on blogs. While some agreed with her, many said that Carrie Ann was downright rude and owed Cloris an apology. Heck, it even got discussed here (and I was delighted to read the comments.) I’m curious to see if they will mention this at all tonight. The even bigger question is: Will it affect the vote?

Well, I hate my DVR tonight. After typing that last paragraph, I turned on my TV to watch the results after they had already aired only to find that they weren’t there. It seems to do that to me once or twice a season with this show. I wonder why only this show. Anyway, I managed to find a recap, so I’ll recap the recap (and since I skip about half the results shows anyway, I won’t bother watching it online later.)Read More »Dancing with the Stars: 7-6 Results

Dancing with the Stars – Round 4 Results

Tonight we’d actually have the potential for some drama. If they hadn’t told us who was the bottom star last week, that is. As it is, we are in for a night of patiently waiting out the clock until we get the result we all know is coming.

But enough of that. It’s not like I ever spend that long on the results as it is.Read More »Dancing with the Stars – Round 4 Results