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Dancing with the Stars: 7-6 Results

The last 24 hours have been interesting, to say the least. Carrie Ann’s comments to Cloris sparked off many a comment on blogs. While some agreed with her, many said that Carrie Ann was downright rude and owed Cloris an apology. Heck, it even got discussed here (and I was delighted to read the comments.) I’m curious to see if they will mention this at all tonight. The even bigger question is: Will it affect the vote?

Well, I hate my DVR tonight. After typing that last paragraph, I turned on my TV to watch the results after they had already aired only to find that they weren’t there. It seems to do that to me once or twice a season with this show. I wonder why only this show. Anyway, I managed to find a recap, so I’ll recap the recap (and since I skip about half the results shows anyway, I won’t bother watching it online later.)

They didn’t break with tradition. The encore was indeed the group hip hop. They’ve done that all seven seasons, so it wasn’t a surprise.

The Bottom Two:
Susan and Tony
Cloris and Corky

And, ultimately, it was Cloris and Corky who were sent home. So I was 100% for the first time all season this week, and I didn’t even get to see it. Maybe I need to go buy a lottery ticket. Of course, in all honesty, these results were rather easy to see coming after last week and Monday’s dances.

But I am curious if Carrie Ann’s comment to Cloris came up again. Any one who actually got to see it want to fill me in?


2 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars: 7-6 Results”

  1. Mark, I watched the show up until Cloris was ‘sent home’. Up until that point nothing had been said about Carrie Ann’s comments of the night before. It was Cloris’ time to leave. My comments and concerns of the night before were Carrie Ann’s comments. My thoughts are that the show has come to a point that it needs to make a few decisions; if it is a true competition or an entertainment competition. I cannot imagine being invited on a show, even for moeny, and take the verbal assults. We also have a large variation in the age of the celebrity dancers. I do not think that there should be an upward limit on the ages. And the age differences are a main point on the show. Over the hiatus the producers need to decide what type of show they want for the next season. I thought this was suppoesd to be a feel good show, and that is the type of show I prefer to watch. The loud rantings and arm wavings of the judges gets to be a bit much. Methinks at time, some take themselves too seriously.

  2. Thanks for filling me in.

    I think the show can continue to be a cross between a dance and an entertainment competition. I can’t speak for Carrie Ann, but I was upset by the fact that Cloris didn’t seem to be trying this week. She had looked like she was trying for the last couple, so I was willing to give it a pass. But this week was just goofing around. I would guess that is what set Carrie Ann off.

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