Dancing with the Stars: 7-6 Results

The last 24 hours have been interesting, to say the least. Carrie Ann’s comments to Cloris sparked off many a comment on blogs. While some agreed with her, many said that Carrie Ann was downright rude and owed Cloris an apology. Heck, it even got discussed here (and I was delighted to read the comments.) I’m curious to see if they will mention this at all tonight. The even bigger question is: Will it affect the vote?

Well, I hate my DVR tonight. After typing that last paragraph, I turned on my TV to watch the results after they had already aired only to find that they weren’t there. It seems to do that to me once or twice a season with this show. I wonder why only this show. Anyway, I managed to find a recap, so I’ll recap the recap (and since I skip about half the results shows anyway, I won’t bother watching it online later.)

They didn’t break with tradition. The encore was indeed the group hip hop. They’ve done that all seven seasons, so it wasn’t a surprise.

The Bottom Two:
Susan and Tony
Cloris and Corky

And, ultimately, it was Cloris and Corky who were sent home. So I was 100% for the first time all season this week, and I didn’t even get to see it. Maybe I need to go buy a lottery ticket. Of course, in all honesty, these results were rather easy to see coming after last week and Monday’s dances.

But I am curious if Carrie Ann’s comment to Cloris came up again. Any one who actually got to see it want to fill me in?