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Dancing with the Stars – Round 4 Results

Tonight we’d actually have the potential for some drama. If they hadn’t told us who was the bottom star last week, that is. As it is, we are in for a night of patiently waiting out the clock until we get the result we all know is coming.

But enough of that. It’s not like I ever spend that long on the results as it is.

Encore: Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer – Tango
Maybe tonight isn’t quite the forgone conclusion I thought it was. I really didn’t think this would be the encore. Although Lance was tied for first, so I should have seen it coming. So maybe it won’t be Rocco going home. I’m not going to hold my breath, however.

How could I hold my breath any way with those funny “political” commercials they ran as one star attacked another? Rocco was picked on for being too skinny to really be a chef and Cody was picked on for being too young. My favorite had to be the anti-Cloris ad just because I am an accountant and that was sponsored by the accounting department. (No, it’s not because I’m that anti-Cloris.) That’s what I love about this show; they have so much fun with each other doing stuff like that.

Just as I stop predicting the bottom two, they decide to bring it back. I just can’t win, can I? So, the first bottom two of the season are:
Rocco DiSpirito & Karina Smirnoff
Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas

No real surprise. These are the weakest dancers of the season right now. I still stand behind Rocco going, but we’ll see if people rallied to save him.

Nope. It’s Rocco going home. As I said last night, it would have been a shame to send Cloris home this week after she did so well on the dance. But Rocco made me laugh by getting Bruno on the floor to show how hips are supposed to move.

As they’ve been plugging, next week we’ll get four all new dances: Hustle, Jitter Bug, Salsa, and West Coast Swing. I’ve actually done the West Coast Swing, so it will be fun to see how what they do compares with what I did. I am worried about Len saying they won’t be judging technique quite as much. Um, isn’t that the point of the show?

And one final public service announcement. I was wrong last week. There is one more Presidential debate, and its tomorrow night (fortunately after an all new Pushing Daisies.) So be sure you tune in for that.

Meanwhile, I’ll see you when the ballroom reopens on Monday.