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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Episode 6

It’s the final episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and the first episode I’ve watched on our new over-the-air HD antenna (instead of through our evil cable connection). So it’s double excitement night for me!

In the previous 5 episodes of the show, Jamie succeeded in several areas. He taught 1,000 people to cook. He won over school cooks and administrators. And he even won over the vitriolic DJ Rod. But he still needs to get funding to train the school district’s cooks. And looking forward, the show teases that the whole revolution is going to fall apart. Bring on the drama!

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Ep. 5

Ah, the penultimate episode of this short series. I hope all of the loose ends get tied up! Will Jamie get the funding he needs to train the school district cooks? Will the Edwards family improve their health? Will the high school brigade help turn around the diets of their peers? And what’s with the four-toed statue? (Oops, that’s the wrong show.)

Last week, Jamie taught a thousand people to cook a stir-fry dish, and DJ Rod’s heart grew three sizes.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Ep. 4

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The “previously on” montage centers mostly on Jamie’s relationship with DJ Rod at the radio station. And as we learned from last week’s preview, this week Jamie and Rod will be making a very important bet.

This episode starts with Jamie visiting the radio station again, and once again Rod has nothing but insults. He doesn’t think Jamie’s Kitchen is going to work, he doesn’t trust Jamie, he has nothing positive to say about the revolution. So off the air, Jamie bets Rod that he can teach 1,000 people to cook in five days. Rod’s response: “It’s not going to happen. I can’t get a thousand people to listen to the show! He’s not going to win.” Stay charming, Rod.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Ep. 3

On previous episodes of the Revolution, Jamie was given a hard time from many corners, and ran up against quite a few roadblocks, but he was approved for a couple more weeks of cooking at the elementary school.

This week’s episode opens with the always-negative DJ Rod taking a call from a supportive Huntington resident, while Jamie drives along listening. Rod chortles that they’ll all be civil to Jamie while he’s here, but once he leaves, they’ll go back to eating “the side of a cow” or whatever else they want to eat. Rod, FYI: it’s not the side of a cow that’s making your town fat.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Episode 2

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Last week (and in the previous hour) on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Jamie came to Huntington, West Virgina and met with challenges and failures at every turn. A radio DJ full of attitude, uncooperative lunch ladies, delicious-looking chicken battling against pizza (and losing), and a newspaper article blasting Jamie’s project and taking his quotes out of context. He certainly has his work cut out for him.

Episode 2 opens with a visit back to the local radio station, where he’s explaining the newspaper article and defending himself. DJ Rod is civil, but admits that he still doesn’t like Jamie at all. If Jamie wins over DJ Rod, I’ll be delighted, because the guy is just a sourpuss.

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Dancing with the Stars: Final Results!

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Last night our final three dancers danced their final three dances, and things got real. The stars dazzled and amazed us. Tonight, they’ll dance one more time for the judges, and we’ll also get to see the MUPPETS! Oh, and Whitney Houston. Who will walk away with the mirrorball trophy? I can’t wait to find out!

For one last time, all of our couples hoof it down the stairs as the band performs “I Gotta Feeling”. Which, I have to tell you all, is a great song to roller skate to. First the 13 eliminated pairs enter, then they create an embarassingly awkward high-five line for the final three couples. Kelly gets caught up giving too many hugs to people, and she’s so charming I could just explode.

Recap time. Len said the megamix dance was tough to judge, although the scores came out exactly as we all expected them to. We get midway through Kelly’s recap, and the screen freezes on a backstage shot of the back of Miss Piggy’s head. Sound hiccups, then we’re back to Bergeron on stage, where he quips about the show being live. We’ll rewind the tape and show it again after the break! What a perfect opportunity for me to run to the fridge for a lovely beverage, which I’m going to need — I just noticed that this show is two hours instead of one.

Back to the recap. And you know what? We all watched the show last night. I want to avoid making this post eight miles long, so let’s just say: dance happened.

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Dancing with the Stars: Week 9 Results

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Last night, all danced thrice. Tonight, three will remain. Who does America like the least? Let’s find out, after 55 minutes of filler, on … Dancing with the Stars!

The encore dance is, unsurprisingly, Mya & Dmitry doing their Salsa. It earned a perfect 30, and we once again get to see why. I always secretly hope someone falls down during the encore dance, but my secret hopes are always dashed. They’re just as awesome, and get a huge standing ovation.

It’s time for recaps of last night. We find out that Kelly’s Rumba solo was almost completely improvised because she forgot her choreography, and they were concerned about top-poppage in her yellow dress. Joanna savored comments from the judges. Donny suffered Dressgate 2009, but came back with two great dances. Mya slaughtered all three dances and got Len to remark not once, but TWICE about her posterior.

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Dancing with the Stars: Week 9 Performances

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It’s hard to believe that 9 weeks ago we had to sit through sixteen celebrities. And yet, here we are at the final four. Donny Osmond, Kelly Osbourne, Mya, and Joanna Krupa are in the home stretch, fighting through the last couple of weeks, battling… Read More »Dancing with the Stars: Week 9 Performances