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Dancing with the Stars: Week 7 Results

Last night, the stars danced. Then they danced some more. Then Aaron had skeevy facial hair. Tonight, two couples will go home. It’s time for the Dancing with the Stars results show!

Right out of the gate, we get to see an encore of the dance from Team Tango. The band’s version of “You Give Love a Bad Name” is just as terrible as it was last night. Likewise, the team dance is just as fabulous as it was last night. From there, we go into the in-depth recap of last night’s dancing. Michael got good (for him) scores. Donny had the flu. Mark had three partners in one week. Mya still didn’t win over Len. Aaron was a Fury on warp drive. Kelly made Louis wear embarassing trousers, and also made Bruno do a desk dance. Joanna got comments from Bruno that made my husband, passing by the TV, cringe and say “ick”. Then the teams danced.

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Dancing with the Stars: Week 7 Performances

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Last week: two couples went home! This week: two more couples will go home! Will Michael & Anna ever leave? Lacey is out with the flu! There’s more group dancing! Live, from Hollywood, it’s Dancing with the Stars!

The show opens with a group dance by the pros, showing us some real Paso vs. Tango teamwork. Of course, they’re all fabulous. ABC totally needs to use the overhead camera much more often. That thing is awesome! Then the stars come down the stairs, and it’s trumpet time. But this time there are TWO Trumpet Guys, doing some sort of dueling trumpets thing. I think my head just exploded a little. This week, the stars designed the costumes, so we’re warned in advance that they’ll be hideous. Noted, Bergeron.

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Dancing with the Stars: Week 5 Results

I turned on the TV at 10pm, just in time to see the eliminated contestants do their final dance. Because the results show ran until 10:01pm. Thanks, ABC — I hope that extra minute was totally worth it. Oh well, now I won’t be on the edge of my seat as I watch the results show. That said, onward with … Dancing with the Stars!

Last night: people danced well! Tonight: a Michael Jackson tribute! Also: 9-time Grammy winner Norah Jones looks cute as a bug! But first, an endless recap of last night’s dancing. Turns out that Kelly hurt her ankle during her dance, and Ozzy wheeled her out to an ambulance to go get it checked out. Bergeron lets us know that she has a sprained foot and a contusion, but will be able to dance the Jitterbug next week (if she makes it through).

Len lets us know that the encore will go to Donny & Kym for their Argentine Tango. It’s just as delightful as it was last night, and Donny’s serious face is just as serious. You go, Donny Freakin’ Osmond. I like your face more every week.

(Norah Jones and the Michael Jackson Tribute below the jump)

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Dancing with the Stars: Week 5 Performances

It’s just past 8:30 on the east coast, which means enough buffer to watch DwtS without commercials. I killed that half-hour by watching some of the longest baseball game ever ever ever. Come on, guys — 11 innings? That’s almost more torture than the first… Read More »Dancing with the Stars: Week 5 Performances

Dancing with the Stars: Week 3 Results

The results episode starts as usual with a brief recap of last night. And then Bergeron reminds us of Tom’s foot injuries, and warns that we might have two eliminations this week. Roll the credits, so we can get a more in-depth recap of last… Read More »Dancing with the Stars: Week 3 Results

Dancing with the Stars: Week 3 Performances

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It’s Monday night, and you know what that means! Well, actually, it means it’s adult night down at the local roller rink, where I can roller boogie like it’s 1983. But now that I’m home from that, it’s time for Dancing with the Stars! Tonight… Read More »Dancing with the Stars: Week 3 Performances

Dancing with the Stars – Season 9 Premiere (Part 2)

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Yesterday just wasn’t enough. We need two more hours of dancing. Specifically, dancing… with the stars! Tonight is ladies’ night, and they want to make sure we know it. The show starts with a group number featuring the female professionals, to the tune of “She’s a Lady.” It’s like all the bad parts of Solid Gold, and none of the good.

Cut to Tom and Samantha up on the balcony, with Tom blathering about how great everything is, and Samantha staring a hole into the camera with soulless, vacant eyes. And now, the celebrities! Nobody falls down the stairs, so really it’s not worth recapping. Although just like last night, the trumpet player goes absolutely crazy with a solo as we pan down the row of celebs. Trumpet Guy is now my favorite member of the cast.

The ladies will be doing either the Salsa or Viennese Waltz for their individual dances, and the Cha-Cha-Cha and Fox Trot for the relay.

Debi Mazar & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Debi tells us that she’s an actress who specializes in strong female roles. I hear she’s more than a little bit crazy. She’s tickled pink to work with Maks, and she proceeds to drive him nuts in rehearsal by never shutting up. They launch into their Salsa up on the little stage in front of the band, and the first part is just a bunch of sexy walking. Finally about halfway through they start doing something that looks vaguely like a Salsa, although it appears that Debi keeps forgetting the steps. They do some cool turns at the end, but I just don’t think the content was there. We go to the judges while Debi is gasping and heaving for breath. Len compliments her energy, but notes there’s a lot of work to do. Bruno loves how she works her “bazooms,” and he “got a lot of value out of that.” It’s the most complimentary pervy insult ever. Carrie Ann thinks she’s thinking too much. Then Maks pinches Bergeron’s tush, which is way hotter than Debi’s bazoom-shaking. The scores aren’t shocking: 6-5-5.

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Dancing With The Stars – Season 9 Premiere

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Editor: Everyone please welcome guest author Missy to The Disney Blog  She’ll be alternating coverage of Dancing With The Stars with The Disney Chick.

Ah, autumn. Time for crisp, cool weather; beautiful colors in the trees; and lots of reality television. Whether you like dancing, or celebrities, or awkward pseudo-famous people who don’t know the Paso Doble from their elbow … it’s time for Dancing with the Stars!

Tonight is night one of a three-night extravaganza. With a record-setting 16 stars, the dancing will take place over two nights, for a full two hours each night. Tonight it’s the guys, and they drive that fact home hard with an opening number set to “The Boys Are Back in Town.” Our eight professional men are lowered into the audience on a giant lighted rickety-looking elevatorish thing. They then proceed to kick and twirl and flail in synch, and it’s a delightfully ghastly way to open the season.

Let’s meet the stars! The horns blare, the lights flash, and the celebrities come down the stairs. Aaron, Chuck, Mark, Ashley, Donny, Louie, Michael, and Tom are followed by Debi, Melissa, Mya, Kathy, Natalie, Macy, Joanna, and Kelly. We pan down the row of pairs as the trumpet player in the band goes absolutely crazy with a solo. Go, trumpet guy!

Tom and Samantha gab about the super tough opening week: everyone will have to do both a Latin dance and a ballroom dance on their very first night. No wonder it’s taking 70 hours this week. Wednesday will be a double elimination, with the lowest-scoring man and woman going home. Now, on to the dancing!

Aaron Carter & Karina Smirnoff: Aaron had his first pop single when he was 8 years old. He strikes me as a scruffier, not-quite-as-sweet Cody Linley. He does a bunch of big, awkward gymnastics when he and Karina first meet. Then he puts on Cuban heels to learn the Cha-Cha-Cha, and pairs them with some really atrocious clothes. Is that a tank top or the bodice of a dirndl? I really shouldn’t be able to see this kid’s nipples in the neckhole of his shirt. Egads. The dance begins, and it’s all over the place. He stomps, he stumbles, he slides. There are a few good moves hidden in there, and it looks like he may actually have potential. Certainly there’s room for improvement. Karina’s gold-fringed pants are incredibly distracting, and Aaron almost drops her at their final pose. Len agrees that there’s potential. Bruno thinks the energy is all over the place. Carrie Ann makes a vaguely uncomfortable joke about little Aaron Carter all grown up and looking good. The scores come in 7-8-7, which seems a little high to me.

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