Dancing with the Stars: Semi-Final Results

So, with three couples it could be, tonight’s results show will be interesting.  And you can tell how far into the season we are getting by how much they start plugging the guests who will be singing instead of telling us which stars are safe and which one is going.  Shall we get to it?


Unless I missed it during the recap show, it looks like we didn’t have an encore at all tonight.  That’s too bad.  I was looking forward to seeing Lance do his Jitterbug with both shoes on.


And I will give them this, having Julianne do one of the songs was nice.  Granted, she already has a built in audience from this show.  But as long as they are going to bring in all kinds of singers, might as well include the one they can do for free.  She’s got a great voice, too.


I did slow down the fast forward button to watch reigning champs Kristi and Mark perform.  I was reminded why I was rooting for her last season.  She’s still great!  And getting to hear Aretha Franklin perform “Respect” was fun, too.


Just as I was beginning to think they forgot what the “Results” show was all about, they did finally get to them.  50 minutes into the hour.  They didn’t do a bottom two.  They started off by telling us that Lance & Lacey and Brooke & Derek were safe.  No surprise with Lance, but I’d been wondering all day if Brooke really would be safe or not.


Of course, Lance and Brooke had to chat with Samantha.  Then a commercial break.  Can they drag this out any further?


Eventually, they did get around to telling us that Cody and Julianne are eliminated tonight.  On the one hand, I’m glad.  I’m tired of correcting my typo of Docy.  I type that every time I type his name, and I don’t know why.


On a serious note, I’d really love to see Julianne and Derek face off in the finals.  And Cody was growing every week.  As you know, I think Warren is the weakest dancer left, so I would have preferred to see him leave.  But Cody just couldn’t overcome those low scores.


Next week – the finals.  Until then, any thoughts on the final elimination of the season?