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Dancing with the Stars: Week 4 Results

After a night of crazies – cowboys! lambadas! Louis Van Amstel wearing lipstick! – it’s time for our contestants to face the music and find out their fate.

Melissa and Mark were chosen for this week’s encore performance – they would have been my pick as well. After the biggest one-week improvement in DWTS history, they deserved the honor.

The standings after last night’s performance are as follows:

  1. Mya and Dmitry – 28
  2. Melissa and Mark – 28 (tie)
  3. Joanna and Derek – 26
  4. Donny and Kym – 24
  5. Natalie and Alec – 24 (tie)
  6. Kelly and Louis – 23
  7. Mark and Lacey – 22
  8. Aaron and Karina – 18
  9. Chuck and Anna – 17
  10. Michael and Anna -16
  11. Louie and Chelsie – 16 (tie)

Shakira was this week’s musical guest, and the Colombian singer was accompanied by geisha drummers, which was strange but interesting to watch. As with most Shakira songs, I have no idea what she’s saying but I still be-bopped along.

Then came the first round of cuts – Mya/Dmitry and Melissa/Mark were quickly sent to obvious safety, and then Aaron/Karina got the news that they were in jeopardy. Not surprising, considering Carrie Ann flat-out told Aaron no one likes him and those kind of judges’ comments can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Next week the team dances are back, and our stars will have to perform either the Argentine tango or the paso doble, so our pros took to the floor tonight to show everyone how it’s done. So You Think You Can Dance viewers will remember that Dmitry won his Emmy for choreographing an Argentine tango mashup, and Louis Van Amstel choreographed one of the best paso doble’s in SYTYCD history for the season 5 finale, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what these guys bring to the table next week.

Back to the cuts! Kelly/Louis, Natalie/Alec, Joanna/Derek, Mark/Lacey, and – whoa! – Michael/Anna are all declared safe. Oh dear, this is bad. This means someone is going home prematurely.

Then there was a package devoted to the stars’ children, who apparently make a lot of rehearsal visits. Michael and Chuck’s kids have absolutely no faith in their dads, and Mark’s daughter is seriously cute.

And then Shakira was back to sing her smash hit “Hips Don’t Lie,” this time accompanied by Indian-style belly dancers. Did she know this show has a whole cast of professional dancers, many of whom specialize in Latin dance? Where’s the love?

Hey, did you know it’s tough to be on Dancing with the Stars? No? Well, here’s a tribute to whining about being tired/frustrated/confused. It seems like they have a variation on this filler video almost every week, and it’s beginning to get old.

More results – Donny/Kym and Louie/Chelsie are safe, leaving Chuck/Anna and Aaron/Karina in the bottom two.  Len says he’d prefer to see Aaron stay because he’s the better dancer, and he got his wish. Chuck and Anna got the boot (get it? because they did the 2-step!) – he was great fun to watch but I think the combination of going first and the high caliber of everyone else’s dancing was what did them in. In a perfect world, Michael would have been sent packing – but sometimes the ballroom has other ideas.

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