Annie Leibovitz Photo Graces Cinderella Poster

You saw the poster earlier with the first trailer for Disney’s live action remake of Cinderella, but did you detect something special. Okay, Lily James as Cinderella is pretty special by herself, but the artistic eye of photographer Annie Leibobitz actually took the photo, as well as a number of other photos, to help promote the film. Many of those photos are available on newstands now inside Vogue magazine’s December issue.


If that poster looks familiar, it probably reminds you of the very first photo in Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portrait Series with Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella taken way back in 2007.


I guess it’s okay if great artists steal from themselves, right?

Walt Disney Studios has also released a few more photos showing various characters in costumes designed by Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell.

Behind the Scenes on Jessica Chastain’s Disney Dream Portrait Shoot with Annie Leibovitz


Earlier this week famed photographer of the stars Annie Leibovitz added Jessica Chastain to the list of celebrities she has featured in her Disney Dream Portraits series. The famous redhead portrayed Pixar’s first princess, also a redhead, Merida from the hit animated feature Brave.

Today we get two exciting videos that take us behind the scenes of the photo shoot and reveal how the magic is made. (Love the fake horse in the shot above. Makes sense though.) Appropriately enough for the Scottish princess, the photo shoot took place in an area of Cold Spring, New York known as the Hudson Highlands.

Turns out Chastain is a fan of a certain activity enjoyed by many guests at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World – Pin Trading. Below she shares her Pin Trading strategy:

New Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portrait – Jessica Chastain as Merida from Pixar’s Brave

Photograph Annie Leibovitz’s collaboration with Disney Parks for the wonderful Disney Dream Portrait series continues. This time with the first every character from a Pixar film. Jessica Chastain portrays Princess Merida from “Brave” in this portrait entitled “Where your destiny awaits.” Chastain previously appeared in “The Help” a Dreamworks film distributed by Walt Disney Studios and for which she received multiple award nominations.

Jessica Chastain as Princess Merida in Latest Disney Dream Portrait by Annie Leibovitz for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

I’m not sure they captured Merida’s horse correctly, but I do love the choice of subject for this photo. What do you think? How did they do capturing the spirit of Merida?

Behind the scenes pic below the jump:

More Fan Created Disney Dream Portraits.

We’ve covered Duy Truong’s fan created take on Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Parks Dream Portraits a few times before today. But he’s out with another small batch of photos that include a few of what I think are his best work so far.

I like this one of Constance Hatchaway, the bride from the Haunted Mansion. This is the WDW version of the bride who wears necklaces , each one representing a dead husband. She had five. Constance is also the old lady in one of the stretching portraits, the one holding a rose, that’s why it’s in the portrait.


Pocahontas, Rapunzel, and Esmeralda below the jump: