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More Fan Created Disney Dream Portraits.

We’ve covered Duy Truong’s fan created take on Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Parks Dream Portraits a few times before today. But he’s out with another small batch of photos that include a few of what I think are his best work so far.

I like this one of Constance Hatchaway, the bride from the Haunted Mansion. This is the WDW version of the bride who wears necklaces , each one representing a dead husband. She had five. Constance is also the old lady in one of the stretching portraits, the one holding a rose, that’s why it’s in the portrait.


Pocahontas, Rapunzel, and Esmeralda below the jump:




He’s updated this Facebook album with more new photos, scroll down to the bottom to see the newest, or if this is new to you, enjoy the whole album.