• [Video] Animatronic Hand
    [Video] Animatronic Hand

    In the old Odyssey restaurant at EPCOT there is currently a temporary annual passholder lounge where they’re converting paper tickets to the new RFID enabled plastic tickets. In the lobby is a fun collection of objects from the history of the resort. One of them is a functioning animatronic hand….

  • Disney Research Invents Robot You Can Juggle With
    Disney Research Invents Robot You Can Juggle With

    Some pretty amazing robot animatronic developments coming out of Disney Research Pittsburgh these days. The latest to be revealed is this robot you can play catch and even juggle with. Entertainment robots in theme park environments typically do not allow for physical interaction and contact with guests. However, catching and…

  • Inside Mr. Lincoln, literally
    Inside Mr. Lincoln, literally

    The OC Register reports that the long missed Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln will re-open later this month at Disneyland. That’s good news. It’s vacation for Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary should have ended 3 years ago. I’m curious to see what the Imagineers have done this time. We do know that…

  • Welcome to T-Rex at Downtown Disney
    Welcome to T-Rex at Downtown Disney

    Tuesday night we made it over to Downtown Disney’s Marketplace to experience “T-Rex” the latest addition to the food and entertainment options. Lines were long, but moved fast as guests were entered into a virtual queue to wait for their tables. Inside the place was loud, but everything seemed surprisingly well run for the first night open to the public.

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