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Garner Holt creates most lifelike audio-animatronic of President Lincoln yet

A few years ago Garner Holt productions took over production of audio-animatronic figures from Walt Disney Imagineering. They’ve been creating amazing humanoid robotic figures ever since. Their latest takes the cake for realism. This expressive talking animatronic of President Abraham Lincoln is a special effect extravaganza tour de force and the most advanced humanoid robotic head ever created.

Be sure to stay to the end where the figure of Lincoln says a few words:

It still looks like a rubber mask, so the uncanny valley is nowhere in view yet, but there are over 40 points of movement in the face. That allows for some very fast and fluid facial expressions. Soon, I could see the lines between the mechanical world and the flesh being blurred.

People I respect in the industry are giving this new audio-animatronic robot high marks and I have to agree. What do you think of it’s expressions and movements? Realistic enough?

Garner Holt plans a whole line of historical figures with the new enhanced audio-animatronic technology you see in the Lincoln figure. Shouldn’t be too long before you see them in amusement and theme parks around the world.

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