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Watch the robotics of the Na’vi Shaman audio-animatronic

A video surfaced on twitter with a look at the audio-animatronic robotics that make the Na’Vi Shaman from Pandora – The World of Avatar look so realistic. All the advanced robotics give the head a very realistic look, there are more ‘servos’ in this animatronic head than most entire AAs. It helps that the Na’Vi are eight feet tall, which gives Disney more room to fit all that inside the head itself.

Disney brought the robot head to the TechCrunch session on robotics in Boston today. Disney Imagineering’s robotics expert Martin Buehler (Executive R&D Imagineer) was presenting. Disney hired Buehler in 2015 from iRobot to help on with the Avatar project.

Have you seen the Na’vi Shaman in person? What did you think?

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