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Luxo Audio Animatronic going dark at DHS

From WDWMagic we get word that the Luxo Lamp Animatronic that lights up Pixar Place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios with its dancing antics will dance no more. This is a quick end to a park detail that never got the chance for its moment in the sun.

Of all the times I’ve walked down Pixar Place, I only saw Luxo operating three times. That tells me he was vastly under utilized in that location. You pretty much had to know it was there and then wait, sometimes as long as 12 minutes, for a show. That is if the little fella was working that day.

The other problem was that Pixar had a little issue with using the Luxo lamp as their logo, when in fact, it was the product of a completely different company. So there was no real attempt to promote Luxo.

Well, here’s hoping that Luxo isn’t gone forever. Perhaps he can be an opening act, or queue entertainment, for Toy Story Musical that’s heading to DCA.

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