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Luxo Jr. Animatronic Lamp arrives atop Pixar Pier Marquee

The animated drawing lamp known as ‘Luxo Jr.’ is the icon of Pixar Animation Studios. You’ve probably seen it as it jumps around and flattens the ‘I’ in the Pixar logo before the studios’ animated films. Now, fans visiting Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure can see Luxo Jr. in person atop the marquee entrance to the land.

You can find the bright and happy character between Knick’s Knacks and Lamplight Lounge.

This isn’t the first time Luxo Jr. has made an appearance in a Disney theme park. The plucky animatronic had a brief appearance in Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. Alas, it had operational problems and was eventually removed.

Pixar Pier opened in June, but parts of the newly themed area of DCA weren’t ready quite yet. That included this iconic lamp. Now Pixar’s trusty icon is ready for prime time and we’re excited to see it in person on our next visit.

Still remaining to open in Pixar Pier are the reimagined Jessie’s Critter Carousel and the Inside Out Emotional Whirwind. Both are expected to open in 2019.