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[Video] Animatronic Hand

animatronic-handIn the old Odyssey restaurant at EPCOT there is currently a temporary annual passholder lounge where they’re converting paper tickets to the new RFID enabled plastic tickets. In the lobby is a fun collection of objects from the history of the resort. One of them is a functioning animatronic hand. It’s wonderful to watch, but to anyone who has seen the original Terminator movie it appears more than a little creepy.

I’ve been there twice now, but still haven’t converted my AP to plastic. No one has yet convinced me that there is any benefit to switching until the parks have switched on My Mobile Magic+ for everyone. If My Magic+ is turned on for some they’ll have access to that network, but will be limited in the number of Fastpass+ experiences they can have each day. Paper ticket holders will be limited to the old Fastpass system, but will have unlimited use of it.

I see no harm in keeping the paper ticket until the point where they make everyone switch. However, I’m open to arguments as to why I’m wrong.

3 thoughts on “[Video] Animatronic Hand”

  1. We converted to RFID during Spring Break and it was a smart move. The lines are much shorter for the RFID and they move quicker as well. You can also use it for rides like test track car design. Net net, you will get in the park quicker for now and once everyone has it and that benefit ends, you will get the FastPas+ features.

  2. Once the company turns on my magic+ it will be for everyone. Paper ticket holders will ony be able to get fastpasses by registering their tickets online or at setup kiosks in the parks. As far as i’ve heard, once everything is ready to go it’s all being switched immediately, not slowly rolled out. I’d suggest get you RFID tickets now or you’ll be stuck in the long lines waiting to convert then. Besides, converting now still doesn’t change your fastpass uses now. when fastpass changes it will be for all and then you’ll be left behind.

  3. I think i remember that hand. Mapo had it out during an open house for cast members back in the 90’s.
    As for the band…next Tuesday I’m going to get mine (exchanging my Premier passport) and experiment with it for 8 days. I have a Deluxe Disney Dining plan and room charging privileges so we will give it a real test. I also intend to go swimming with it on!

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