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Adventureland: Hong Kong

Adventureland is the biggest land at Hong Kong Disneyland. It sort of sucks up what would be both Adventureland and Frontierland in any other Magic Kingdom style Disney theme park. has 16 pages of amazing photos from the Hong Kong Park. That completes all the lands of the new park. You can see all… Read More »Adventureland: Hong Kong

Autopia Redux

Autopia ran, but not well. After the first day, many of the 39 cars initially put into service – one from the original production run had been set aside for Walt Disney – were broken. Four that had been treated to the black-and-white paint scheme of police cruisers were soon repainted as conventional models. NY… Read More »Autopia Redux

Cedar Point CEO

As he talked about the amusement park business, he was forced to speak above the park’s roar – screeching steel and coaster riders blending nearly indistinguishably. "We leave theming to Disney," he said. "It’s very, very expensive. We can’t justify it, being a seasonal operation. Our theming is the ride itself. You walk under the… Read More »Cedar Point CEO

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition — Urn Street

The ceremonious unveiling of the new Ginyard home capped off a hectic week on Urn Street, where a crew for the ABC show descended late last week to send 44-year-old Veronica Ginyard and her seven children on vacation to Disney World in Orlando while hundreds of volunteers helped raze and rebuild their dilapidated two-bedroom home.… Read More »Extreme Makeover: Home Edition — Urn Street

Disney Afternoon Soundtrack bling

I wasted many a study session watching the Disney Afternoon back at the college dorm. That was a really great time for Disney television, certainly the greatest since the prime of the Mickey Mouse club and the Disneyland show. I’m not alone apparently, here Steve downloads a copy off alt.binaries.* and reminisces. Of course, if… Read More »Disney Afternoon Soundtrack bling

Disney in hot water of factories in China

Disney’s in hot water again over purported mistreatment of workers in the Chinese factories that manufacture your favorite Disney crap souvenirs. According to the Orlando Sentinel Disney is hiring an outside firm to investigate the allegations. Disney is also looking to clean up the image of its Board of Directors. The NY Times reports that… Read More »Disney in hot water of factories in China

Joe Ranft: Memorial Details

I just got word from Pixar’s Press and Publicity Department with details on the upcoming Memorials for Joe Ranft and the donation fund they are establishing in his honor. "Joe Ranft’s private Memorial Services, for close friends and family, will be held Sunday, August 21, 2005, in Mill Valley, California. "A ‘Friends and Colleagues’ Memorial… Read More »Joe Ranft: Memorial Details

Joe Ranft: the legacy…

The shockwaves from Pixar Animator and Story man Joe Ranft’s death continue to spread across the internet and the world. Searches on his name now rank number 3 on technorati and reflections on how Ranft’s work and life continue to be posted. Ranft’s death is immensely sad news for the creators and fans of animation… Read More »Joe Ranft: the legacy…