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Ed Wood comes out of the Vault

In a DVD release that I am very much looking forward to, Buena Vista announces the release date for the Special Edition DVD of Ed Wood on October 19th. A little too late for my Birthday, but it’s never too early to start shopping for christmas, you know. In my humber opinion Ed Wood shows… Read More »Ed Wood comes out of the Vault

Minnie’s Secret?

At our local Mall the Disney Store used to be located one shop away from Victoria’s Secret. (Of course, the Disney Store is close now, but that’s another topic.) I once mused to my wife what would happen if the two stores were combined. She just gave me a weird look and then pretended to… Read More »Minnie’s Secret?

Dave Does Disneyland

At this point, my thoughts are either (a) Margie’s arranged for a nice dinner, or maybe (b) Margie’s arranged for an entire evening away, staying at the Disneyland Hotel or something. I decide I’ll play it by ear, since any prospect sounds enjoyable. I realize I can leave my tie in the car, and do… Read More »Dave Does Disneyland

Muppet Stamp of Approval

MuppetCentral, the site for Muppet news, has the latest on the rumored and now official USPS release of Muppet stamps. Ten Muppet characters will share a sheet of stamps with a single stamp for their creator, Jim Henson. The Muppets honored include Kermit, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear. This is great news. I was impressed… Read More »Muppet Stamp of Approval

And Equity Contracts for All!

Many Cast Member Union Contracts at Walt Disney World expire this year affecting about half of the work force there. reports on ongoing negotiations between Actor’s Equity, which represents performers in the live productions at the florida resort, and park management. The article reveals a very interesting detail about the park. The pay for… Read More »And Equity Contracts for All!

Charge of the Princess Brigade

As I stated before, Disney Princess Merchandise is the fastest growing segment of sales for the Disney Company. The Princess phenomenon is raking in big bucks and the powers that be know it. ”The princess brand is all about fantasy,” adds Mary Beech, director of franchise management for Disney Princess. “It’s transformational and allows the… Read More »Charge of the Princess Brigade

Big Thunder Reopens

The LATimes has more on the Cal-OSHA report and Big Thunder’s returning to operation. I’m interested to know if you would ride Big Thunder on your next visit to Disneyland? Let me know in the comments section.

Big Thunder Returns?

Update: Looks like BTMRR was up and running last night in a limited capacity. After reading more about the report it looks like this last accident was really a series of unfortunate circumstances that happened in a row. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the runaway train themed coaster at Disneyland, CA, is expected to return to… Read More »Big Thunder Returns?