Halloween Photos: around the world

mansionzombieHalloween is over, which means that at the Disney Themeparks it’s time to rush onto the next holiday… Christmas. Oh, a few moments thought will be given to Veterans Day, if you’re lucky you might be able to find a juicy Thanksgiving feast at one of the mouse’s hotels. But generally speaking if Halloween wasn’t there to stop them, Christmas would start in July for Disney (and most of consumer America).

However, before The Disney Blog is ready to move on here is a quick look at how Disney themeparks around the world do Halloween. Did you know that since 1999 the Disney Company has been a primary influencer at restoring the Halloween tradition in France with its Disneyland Paris Pumpkin Celebration. Japan never celebrated Halloween, having a much different view of ghosts and ancestors than most western nations, but Disney has introduced a two month Halloween Festival there with most of the western trimmings and it’s been a huge success, practically a national obsession, if you believe the Disney PR.

Via BoingBoing we have this flickr set of photos from the Tokyo Disneyland celebration. They certainly know how to party there and their costumes are wonderful.

Back in the Americas Disney World has been running their successful Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) for years now. The park closes down for a separate admission party after the regular hours are over. Many nights sell out. This year Robb Alvey took his Theme Park Review crew down for one of the MNSSHP nights and a lot of fun was had by all. I took my wife and son trick or treating at MNSSHP on Halloween itself where I got a lot of photos of the parade, which was added new this year.

Cindy Stephens visited Disneyland’s attempt to re-enter the Halloween market this year (previously left to Knott’s Scary Farm and Universal Studio’s Scare Nights) with a kid oriented event called Mickey’s Halloween Treat. The catch, the event was at the mostly lackluster California Adventure second gate. Still with admission numbers capped low, the event was a huge success selling out nearly every night. Cindy’s write up is a great and has tons of photos and a copy of the event guide.

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