Disney sent to the dungeon at Orlando Airport

Well, not only has the Orlando Airport capitulated to the demands of the shuttle and taxi drivers and moved Disney’s Magical Express Greeters off the main arrival floor of the airport, but they’ve kept them out of the baggage level as well. In fact, Disney’s smiling greeters with the Mickey Hands have been relegated to the basement level with the car rental companies. No magic there.

If you ask me, all this accomplishes is adding a few more confused tourists to the airport who will be angry they missed their bus when they can’t find it in time. Since 98% of the Magical Express customers prebook, this isn’t going to help the taxi and shuttle drivers at all. Guess I was wrong in my previous post.

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1 thought on “Disney sent to the dungeon at Orlando Airport”

  1. I think that Disney should just blow em off. That is ridiculous! My family and I considered the Magical express at one time, but opted to drive. If I had and they had done me that way, every single limo, cabby, whatever would’ve heard from me, and they would have got a “piece of my mind”.

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