We come not to Praise Chicken Little, but to Fry him.

Instead Chicken Little being the next Walt Disney Feature Animation franchise, it is beginning to take on the odor of a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise around here. There were rumors that the film’s director had left town, the movie is getting some bad reviews (a collective 3/10 at Rotten Tomatoes), and people are starting to point fingers. The Box Office results will weigh heavily in Disney’s upcoming negotiations with Pixar for future distribution rights. Would you like your CG Animation crispy or rottiserie?

Speaking of choice, I am hearing good things about the 3-D projection for Chicken Little (theatre list). That just might be the lucky wishbone for Walt Disney Feature Animation (and possibly a niche!). Plus you get to keep the glasses (oh boy… they might be worth $2 on ebay someday.) The Press Release for the 3-D release is below the cut and here’s a link to a new trailer for the 3-D release (qt mov 300, 1500 wmf sm, lrg ).

Disney has also released a featurette that looks at the making of the movie (qt mov 300, 1500 wmf sm, lrg ). If you’re a fan of Disney animation you’ll enjoy this peek behinds the scenes at WDFA.

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In a revolutionary collaboration with Dolby Laboratories, employing Dolby Digital Cinema combined with Industrial Light & Magic’s proprietary software technology, Walt Disney Pictures debuts new 3-D TECHNOLOGY with CHICKEN LITTLE, its first all-CGI animated feature

Disney once again leads the film industry by introducing Disney Digital 3DTM, a brand new, state-of-the-art technology providing the first true three-dimensional digital experience in movie theatres, with the highly anticipated movie Chicken Little to be released on November 4, 2005. In collaboration with Disney, Dolby Laboratories plans to install its Dolby® Digital Cinema systems in approximately 100 specially-selected, high-profile theatres in 25 top markets that will present the 3D film. Visual effects giant Industrial Light & Magic (a Lucasfilm Ltd. company) will render the movie in 3D so it can be played on Dolby Digital Cinema servers at selected theatres. This joint effort will create the next leap forward in the evolution of motion picture entertainment, bringing animation to life.

This historic debut of an entirely new release format will further define, refine, and elevate the film art form and marks the first time a major motion picture studio (Disney) has fully embraced a digital deployment plan. Disney selected Dolby Digital Cinema, a state-of-the-art digital cinema presentation system, to debut Chicken Little’s brand new proprietary CG animation process. Dolby’s technology, combined with Industrial Light & Magic’s newly invented method of creating digital 3D imagery, provides the first feature motion picture presented in true digital 3D. Viewers of Chicken Little will experience this revolutionary format with the use of special 3D glasses offering greater clarity and more comfort than conventional 3D glasses.

Commenting on the announcement, Dick Cook, chairman, The Walt Disney Studios, said, "Disney Digital 3D is a truly groundbreaking technology that combines the latest innovations of science and art, and we are proud to be a part of filmmaking history. Our proprietary, state-of-the-art CG animation process used to make Chicken Little and future animation projects will finally allow moviegoers to experience true digital three-dimensional entertainment in theatres." Cook continued, "Walt Disney pioneered many technological breakthroughs and set an uncompromising goal for his Studio to constantly push the envelope to offer a superior movie going experience. We are very proud to add this animation milestone to the long list of technological breakthroughs for the studio, and we are especially thrilled to work with entertainment technology leader Dolby in this exciting launch. Likewise, we are proud to have the wizards at Industrial Light & Magic to help deliver the movie in 3D."

"Disney and Dolby’s commitment to digital cinema paves the way for a large scale digital cinema deployment," said Tim Partridge, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Professional Division, Dolby Laboratories. "Dolby is a trusted brand for providing technologies that dramatically improve the moviegoing experience, and Disney has a fantastic reputation for delivering incredible movies to audiences worldwide. This is a great collaboration between both companies to launch Chicken Little on Dolby Digital Cinema."

ILM President Chrissie England said, "The digital 3D release of Chicken Little is a very exciting chapter in Hollywood history as it marks the next generation of moviemaking. We are delighted to participate with Disney in setting a new benchmark for the future. We are pleased that Chicken Little is the first animated movie to use our new process using Disney’s actual 3D models, animation, and camera data. This process allows us to provide a richer, more nuanced viewing experience for moviegoers than any existing postproduction techniques. We feel audiences will embrace this experience as the new standard in animated features."

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