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Latest from Disney World re:closings

Walt Disney World theme and water parks will operate on an abbreviated schedule on Friday and officials announced they expect to be closed on Saturday. The resort stopped taking reservations earlier today. On Friday, Magic Kingdom will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Epcot from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., MGM Studios from… Read More »Latest from Disney World re:closings

Cancellations Coming in…

For Hurricane Charley the Disney Themeparks missed the brunt of the storm’s force. Still Animal Kingdom was closed for nearly two days, Typhoon Lagoon was closed for five days, some golf courses took much longer to fix, and the other parks closed early before the storm arrived. Now we’re beginning to hear of cancellations for… Read More »Cancellations Coming in…

Small Tourist Destinations to be hit hard

To Disney World a single hurricane is just a blip on the radar screen. A little downturn in the attenandce that is planned for. Two hurricanes in a month is just a little tougher to budget for, but no big deal financially. However, if you’re a mom and pop operation, a small business, or even… Read More »Small Tourist Destinations to be hit hard

Herbie Goes NASCAR

Move over Dale Jr, Dale Jarrett, and Tony Stewart; here comes Lindsay Lohan, Michael Keaton, and Herbie. Disney is reimagining the wonderful Herbie: The Love Bug movies with a NASCAR twist. This weekend’s NASCAR race in Fontana, CA will have some extra visitors shooting scenes for the upcoming movie. If you or anyone else you… Read More »Herbie Goes NASCAR

Olympic Fever

One of my favorite memories at Disneyland is the day the Women’s Soccer World Cup Championship team came to the park. Thousands upon thousands of young girls and young women were there to cheer on their new heroes. The park put on a great show for them and you couldn’t help to feel good about… Read More »Olympic Fever

Frances Fury Forces Changes

I can’t believe it’s only been three weeks and I’m already talking again about how a Hurricane will affect Disney Property, its employees and guests, and the people who live in the area. Last year when they warned it would be a tough hurricane system, the results only fizzled. This year they warned it could… Read More »Frances Fury Forces Changes

Bats Day 2004 – Goth Invasion

Bats Day is a day for like minded folk to dress up in their goth finest and enjoy Disneyland together. It’s not an official Disneyland event, but like Gay Day, the park has begun to recognize the money the extra attendance brings in and throw a few bones their way (like a special queue to… Read More »Bats Day 2004 – Goth Invasion