Retro Space Mountain

Space Mountain II has just re-opened at Disneyland. It’s exactly the same track layout as the original Space Mountain in exactly the same building, but with a 100% new track (which makes for a fast, smooth ride) and some great new special effects (the launch tube and deceleration tube are amazing). They’ve even cut a few new soundtracks for the attraction, which a special night program still in reserve.

But if you’re jonesing for the original experience then someone has been good enough to go through the trouble and make a RollerCoaster Tycoon simulation of the attraction. It’s pretty close to the real thing too.

(via BoingBoing)

2 thoughts on “Retro Space Mountain

  1. some_young_guy

    That ride was pretty cool. I’ve never been to Space Mountain before. Does anybody know if that soundtrack playing in the video will be playing on the ride as well?

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