Disney World acquires new sponsor

We’ve been hearing about this deal for some time now. A new major corporation would step in and sponsor Spaceship Earth and a few other attractions around the resort kicking off a small wave of renovations across Epcot as it gets ready for its 25th Anniversary. The announcement finally came today and the new sponsor is Siemens AG.

The 12-year agreement will have the German based company sponsoring not only Spaceship Earth, but also the Reflections of Earth fireworks shot at Epcot and the Osborne Family Festival of Lights at the Disney MGM Studios. The sponsorship will also extend to Disneyland’s two parades, the Disney’s Electrical Parade at California Adventure and The Walt Disney Parade of Dreams at the Disneyland gate.

I’m so happy to see this partnership and hope that not only does it signal the start of better corporate sponsorship relationships between Disney parks and companies across the globe, but that it helps kick off some much needed refurbishment around the Walt Disney World Resort. Additionally a long needed update to the Disney’s Electrical Parade, including a few new floats and some new technologies, would be greatly appreciated by the parades fans and visiting guests.

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1 thought on “Disney World acquires new sponsor”

  1. Wow… Does this mean that Spaceship Earth will be updated? With Siemans and Sylvania – how about a ‘history of light’ version – kinda like the Carousel of Progress? Maybe with future lighting technology included? Could make for some very cool effects…

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