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Dream On, Animation Funereal Dirge

The Orlando Sentinal considers the documentary film "Dream on, Silly Dreamer" that captured the final days of hand drawn animation at the Walt Disney Studios. The article also has a look at some of the personal stories that arose from the closing of the Disney Animation Studios in Orlando. For instance, Project Firefly Animation Studios… Read More »Dream On, Animation Funereal Dirge

New Book has dirt on Eisner

Looking for more ammunition to in your crusade against Michael Eisner and current Disney management? Then James B Stewart’s upcoming missive ‘Disney War’ is for you. According to The New York Post it’s sending shockwaves through Burbank with a very damaging look at Eisner’s career.… Read More »New Book has dirt on Eisner

Brady/McNabb You’ve Just Won the Superbowl…

Here’s something odd from the marketing arm of Disney. Apparently they’re cancelling the successful "We’re Going to Disneyland" ad spots that run directly after the big football game (yes, the Superbowl) featuring the games MVP. Disney has run 35 of these "What are you going to do next?" spots over the years. The celebrated player(s)… Read More »Brady/McNabb You’ve Just Won the Superbowl…

Brad Bird on Oscar Nod for The Incredibles

"It is such an honor for The Incredibles to receive four Oscar nominations. I am thrilled that Pixar’s creative team is being recognized for their amazing work by the Academy alongside many other talented nominees. The screenplay nomination is particularly gratifying since storytelling is at the heart of what makes Pixar so special and what… Read More »Brad Bird on Oscar Nod for The Incredibles

Vaulting the Disney video market

For the Walt Disney Company, the Disney Vault is a prized possession, or in other words, more power to them in regards to market control. For the consumer, however, the Disney Vault means more hours strolling down the DVD aisles of Best Buy, Fry’s, Circuit City or even the movie wall at your local The… Read More »Vaulting the Disney video market

Tips for taking photos with Disney Characters

Miceland has posted a series on tips and tricks for getting your photo or the photo of your young one taken with the walk-around characters at Disneyland (part one is here). Well worth reading if that’s your goal for the vacation. This, of course, leaves me saddened as to the fate of Chris and Jen’s… Read More »Tips for taking photos with Disney Characters