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Joe Ranft Tribute

Just found this on the message boards. How I missed it before I don’t know. member mnmears posted his account of the public memorial for Pixar story genius Joe Ranft. Another one of the emotional highlights came as the storyboard artists at Pixar each pinned up a panel dedicated to Joe Ranft. They each… Read More »Joe Ranft Tribute

TCM to air Miyazaki Marathon

Cartoon Brew posts the good news that Animation Master, Hideyo Miyazaki, will have a fresh showing of nine of his classic films on Turner Classic Movies cable channel. Search the TCM schedule for the January dates. I know my DVR will be set.

Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Downtown Disney Reopen after Wilma

A Quick Update: The Orlando Sentinel and the website is showing that Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Downtown Disney is open for all guests today. Looks like they even extended the hours at the MK to Midnight.

I spoke with some friends who were at the Animal Kingdome Lodge last night and they said everything was fine there.

Update: Full release below cut.

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Walt Disney World Live Cam

Now that it’s daylight around here you might want to check out the live internet camera at Walt Disney World. It’s situated on the Swan & Dolphin complex and looks toward Epcot over the Yacht Club resort. If it’s clear enough you should be able to see the giant geodesic ‘Spaceship Earth’ sphere in the… Read More »Walt Disney World Live Cam

Morning Update, Hurricane Wilma

It’s almost 8:30 AM and we’re still here (here being about 2 miles from SeaWorld and 5 miles from Disney World ). We’ve dodged one tornado generating cloud system already and another is on the way. But so far the winds and rain haven’t been too bad (I saw much worse in some of the… Read More »Morning Update, Hurricane Wilma

Visit to the set of Pirates of the Carribean II: Dead Man’s Chest

Delicious details of the upcoming sequel to Disney’s hit film Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl are released in this tour of a Hollywood sound stage. After walking up some creaky stairs, the 21st century is left behind, yielding to the mustiness of a 17th century pirate ship. Covered in barnacles, the… Read More »Visit to the set of Pirates of the Carribean II: Dead Man’s Chest

Blog Mentioned in the New York Times

I guess it’s appropriate that on the day when Hurricane Wilma is playing Big Bad Wolf with the state of Florida that The Disney Blog gets mentioned in a New York Times story on ‘Brand Blogs‘. It’s a great honor to be written up in the nation’s daily and I’d like to welcome all the… Read More »Blog Mentioned in the New York Times

Seaworld and Universal: Monday Schedule Updates

Update: The second I post this, of course, Universal reverses itself and will now close both themeparks on Monday. No word yet from SeaWorld. According to the Orlando Sentinel Hurricane Blog, a great resource for info on Hurricane Wilma btw, neither Universal Studios or Seaworld intend to close tomorrow. This might change if the storm… Read More »Seaworld and Universal: Monday Schedule Updates