In a deal it hopes will produce a trove of new properties to exploit across various media, Walt Disney Co. has bought the assets of CrossGen Entertainment, a comic book publisher whose fantasy and sci-fi titles include "Abadazad," "Mystic" and "Route 666." This is another sign of Disney coming to accept the shift in reading
In listening to the Pixar quarterly analyst meeting, I came away with the distinct impression that Steve Jobs was willing to wait until the next CEO of Disney was announced. Jobs said he expected a game of musical chairs would occur in the film industry and it didn't make sense to finalize a deal until
The movie was just about perfect in all aspects. The story was great, the visuals were amazing, the action was good, and the family stuff was touching. There didn't seem to be any scenes tacked on just to show off the advances in CG work (well, maybe the dialogue between the mom and kids in
There has never been a strike at Disney World among the general cast members. There are some who think that the time is now to have the first one. Negotiations begin again on Monday to prevent such an occurance. Disney spokeswoman Jacquee Polak said Friday the contract represented the company's best offer. "The only thing
Planning a vacation to Disney World soon and want to know if there will be a strike when you get there? You might want to call Disney and let them know you expect them to settle with the unions and preserve your vacacation. At lot of the talk around the union is that why would