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WDW Overhead Photos from 1979

More amazing photos from the same guy who brought you the 1980 photos. This time about 30 aerial shots taken from a helicopter. Some amazing detail here. Post 9/11 rules make it nearly impossible to get this kind of tour again.

Hurricane Ivan visits Disney World?

It’s hard to predict with much certainty where a hurricane will hit more than a few hours in advance. But forecasters have gotten pretty good a projecting the possible path upto five days out. If you anywhere near this path that means it’s time to prepare. This is something Floridians know all too well this… Read More »Hurricane Ivan visits Disney World?

The Street’s View

Wall Street is like the nosy neighbor always chiming in with their view whether it is wanted or not. Analysts (read “Fortune Tellers”) have made their views known with little or no reaction in Disney’s stock price resulting from the twin Hurricanes. Two storms is barely a blip on the radar for the Walt Disney… Read More »The Street’s View

Children’s Place buys The Disney Stores

Update: Correction. These rumors are just regarding the letter of intent. No final contract has been signed. My bad Word is leaking out the the sale has gone through, or will shortly. Thus marks the end of a long chapter in the Walt Disney Company that was at one time both it’s biggest success and… Read More »Children’s Place buys The Disney Stores

150 WDW Photos from 1980

An amazing collection of 150 photos from Walt Disney World in 1980. This is prior to EPCOT, MGM, or DAK. So you’re really seeing the last months when all the attention was lavished on the Magic Kingdom, not shared with other properties. (Thanks DonickCo!)

Disney Cruise Unable to Port

Here’s a little bit of interesting news. The storm surge from Frances pushed so much sand into Port Canaveral it reduced the depth to a level that the larger ships can no longer pass through the entry channel into the port. None of the larger ships including the Cost Guard and all of the cruise… Read More »Disney Cruise Unable to Port

Disney World Photo Essay

MKT returns with two more series of photos from Disney World (and orlando) that shows how minimal the property was affected by Hurricane Frances compared with damage from Hurricane Charley. Also see updates to Mount Everest, the next thrill ride being built at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Miramax Twins

More details continue to leak out from the Miramax vs. Disney negotiations. I know Harvey has made himself unpopular in some circles, but Miramax continues to release profitable movies, and has a knack for finding the international gems (see Jet Li’s ‘Hero’ on top of the box office for two weeks now) that translate into… Read More »Miramax Twins