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Night of Joy 2004

Although I don’t speak the language the photos in this trip report tell the story. In this case of a Miami Florida Spanish Language radio station staff member attending the 2004 Night of Joy at Walt Disney World.

West coaster at WDW

Today we hit Magic Kingdom there are moments when it can feel like Anahiem and others where my brain gets a little confused. Space Mountain isn’t in the right place in tomorrowland and there’s entirely too much open space. In fact the Walt Disney World Resort is huge, it is impossible to imagine just how… Read More »West coaster at WDW

Miramax Matters

Word has it that Eisner’s resignation letter has already had a good effect and smoothed the way for a new contract with the Weinstein brothers. Looks like both brothers will be staying in the Disney fold.

Roy Disney goes Lame Duck hunting

Michael Eisner’s announcement that he intends to remain CEO for the next two years forces you to make a critical decision. Will you choose to let the Company drift for two more years – allowing the pall Mr. Eisner has cast to continue to drive the most talented and creative people away from Disney, erode… Read More »Roy Disney goes Lame Duck hunting

Mighty Ducks switching ponds?

The San Diego Tribune reports on a possible buyer for Disney’s Mighty Ducks. If the deal goes through that would take Disney completely out of the sports franchise ownership field and leave them as purely broadcasters. Expect to see ties between Anaheim’s professional teams and Disneyland continue (it’s a good deal for both sides).

Ivan the destroyer

Hurricane Ivan looks to be headed for parts west of central florida. A relief for the twice storm battered residents there. This does not mean that the danger is clear for central florida, nor does it mean that Ivan just falls off the map. It is now as strong as ever and headed over Cuba… Read More »Ivan the destroyer

Eisner Out Means Pixar In?

The New York Times and the LA Times have two good articles on Eisner’s exit strategy. Both speculate that a deminished Eisner role could entice Steve Jobs to rehitch Pixar to Disney’s horse. Disney’s has had a cash cow in its joint venture with Pixar, which in some years has generated 50 percent of the… Read More »Eisner Out Means Pixar In?