Hong Kong Disneyland: space available!

You know all those winnies who say Disney’s Hong Kong resort is not meeting its attendance goals? Well Disney says they’re all full of fluff. No doubt feeling a bit of pressure, Disney has announced that the one millionth guest has already passed through the dates of Hong Kong Disneyland.

But that’s not enough to please local watchers of the park. A report in the HK Standard says that using Disney’s own numbers that means they’re only averaging 11,000 guests a day. Well below the 15,000 that would have been needed to meet the figures Disney told the Hong Kong Government to expect.

Disney, of course, says don’t worry. Numbers through the gate aren’t everything. We’re also looking at guest satisfaction and spending. That may be true, but there were days when California Adventure actually made less money per day than the old parking lot it was built on. Yeah. It’s that bad.

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