In the fold no longer, Weinstein Bros ready to mix it up

HoodwiIf you ask me one of the worst things Michael Eisner did on his way out of the company was to let the Weinstein Brothers leave Miramax (of course there may have been no stopping Harvey). Now they’re back with their own film releases; some looking to move in on what has traditionally been Disney’s territory.

Hoodwinked (imdb) is a new animated film that follows in the footsteps of cg animated features like Chicken Little and Shrek. Hoodwinked is a new take on the classic fable of Little Red Riding Hood that picks up where the story left off. Spoofing cop shows like CSI and Law and Order, the movie looks at how modern law enforcement would view the story.

The preview trailer is now online (AOL, APPLE). Look for this to be hitting theatres just in time for Christmas.

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2 thoughts on “In the fold no longer, Weinstein Bros ready to mix it up”

  1. I’ve been bit by Harvey’s New York anger management problems once or twice, but I must say I’m looking forward to this release.

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