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Cody Davis

Where the Orange Cone Grows: A Family Trip Report Full of Bias & Opinion

We took a little weekend trip to Disneyland to celebrate our
anniversary. It was supposed to be a romantic weekend of poolside
mojitos and the Disney’s California Adventure Food & Wine Festival.
We had hired a nanny to join us for the weekend so as to rid ourselves of the boys and
partake in some quality childfree fun. The nanny backed out.

could have left the boys at home. The dogs stayed. A big bowl of
Goldfish and the toilet seat up, they would have been fine. We would
have felt guilty though, we couldn’t go off to Disneyland and not take
the boys. Hence, the nanny. Needless to say, the boys came along, and
the wine was corked for another year.

Despite the fact that it
was probably their worst weekend of behavior ever, we still managed to
squeeze in more fun than frustration. Barely.

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Capatilizing on the popularity of primetime game shows, ABC is introducing the latest contender, National Bingo Night, on May 18th. The show is being hosted by friend of The Disney Blog, Ed Sanders– he of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition fame. The show promises to be high-energy and is being billed as a truly interactive experience,… Read More »BINGO!

Enchanted Calls

Maybe this is old, but I couldn’t find any mention of it in the archives, so allow me a moment. I stumbled upon a neat little thing over at the official Disney site.  For only $2.49 you can arrange a phone call from a princess, Mickey, Tigger or Pooh to your child.  In the past… Read More »Enchanted Calls

Find Nemo on June 11th

The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland Park has officially been scheduled to open on June 11, 2007. Look for soft rolls in the days prior. The previous submarine attraction, famous for being the first e-ticket ride in the park, closed in 1998. The new ride will use improved technology to create an underwater adventure… Read More »Find Nemo on June 11th

Dream Jobs & Empty Pockets

Apparently Disney can justify the ridiculously low wages that they pay their park employees with a recent poll which shows Americans want fun from their jobs, not money. According to Vacation Magic, an Interenet newsletter for members of the Disney Vacation Club, Disney Parks and conducted a survey focusing on "dream jobs."  The results… Read More »Dream Jobs & Empty Pockets

Pirates IV Rumor: Fuel on the Fire

The Internet is full of speculation and theories on the Pirates franchise and whether or not it will continue after the third installment.   It’s no secret that Johnny Depp has stated his interest in keeping the character of Jack Sparrow alive as long as the storyline remains strong.  Apparently he’s having as much fun as… Read More »Pirates IV Rumor: Fuel on the Fire

Disney Introduces New Princess

MSNBC is reporting that Disney’s decision to hold it’s annual shareholder meeting in New Orleans was, according to CEO Robert Iger, a show of support for the city that is still recovering after being flooded by Hurricane Katrina.  It also provided the perfect platform to announce an additional sign of support, "The Frog Princess", Disney’s… Read More »Disney Introduces New Princess

Disney Targets Older Princess Crowd

Sure, a proposal at a Disney park is nice, a wedding on property is pretty darn spectacular, and a honeymoon created by the mouse and friends is making that dream a reality, but perhaps you feel like you’re missing something. Well, Princess, you are.  Disney has taken the next, and I assume not the last,… Read More »Disney Targets Older Princess Crowd