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Cody Davis

David Hilberman Dies

According to the L.A. Times: David Hilberman, whose union activities at Walt Disney Studios and brief membership in the Communist Party led to his blacklisting and shadowed a long career that included founding the innovative United Productions of America studio, has died. He was 95. Hilberman died of natural causes July 5 at Stanford University… Read More »David Hilberman Dies

Ratatouille: To Review It is Ironic

Once you see the movie, that will make sense.  You will see the movie, right? You should.  It was PIXAR at it’s finest.  Don’t believe me, ask my 4-year-old.  Warning: semi-spoilers are mentioned.  Kind of. Visually, I think it may be the best of the bunch.  The art was pure, well, art.  The writing was… Read More »Ratatouille: To Review It is Ironic

You Don’t Live in the Submarine, it’s the Line that Gets You

We rode the submarines last week.  They were a lot of fun.  The ride lasts about 12 minutes or so, which is nice.  The line lasts about 4 hours, without shade.  That’s not so nice. Luckily we were admitted an hour early per Disney’s policy of letting hotel guests in prior to opening (3-4 days… Read More »You Don’t Live in the Submarine, it’s the Line that Gets You

We All Live Ride in a Yellow Submarine

If you are in Disneyland today, or yesterday for that matter (good luck pulling that off now), then you may notice that the Nemo Subs are running, but most likely not for you.  No, the people in the queue aren’t any better looking, richer, or more popular than you, as far as you know, but… Read More »We All Live Ride in a Yellow Submarine

WDW Rooms Go Non-smoking

Walt Disney World has announced that all rooms, including all of the Disney Vacation Club resorts, will be non-smoking by June. To be honest, I just assumed they already were.  The rooms out here at all three (3) of the Disneyland Resort Hotels have been smoke-free for some time. Disney uses AAA has an example… Read More »WDW Rooms Go Non-smoking

Bingo is Tonight-O!

Tonight is the night for new family fun on ABC.  National Bingo Night promises to be an exciting viewing and interactive experience.  Follow the link to play along at home and win some Bling-O.  (How many "O’s" can I use in this post? Maybe I should have written a poem.) Check your local listings for… Read More »Bingo is Tonight-O!