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A lot sure has changed in 20 years…

CoverKeep reading for scans from 1988’s entire souvenir guide. Click for bigger. I apologize for the lack of quality, it is a 20 year old guide. All images copyright 1988, The Walt Disney Company.

Update. I’m keeping the thumbnails on this post, but for the full size scans please visit this set on Flickr. – ed.

I know that we don't typically traffic in gossip here at The Disney Blog, but apparently Miley Cyrus has confirmed that she is indeed pregnant. If this is indeed the case then it is really bad timing.  Over the past year when all of the other Disney girls (past and present) were falling into image
According to AceShowBiz Disney has acquired the rights to the hot children's book of the summer, and they already have Scott Rudin in place to produce it. The Dangerous Book for Boys has been a staple of conversation among the parenting blog circuit, specifically the "daddy blogs" for a while now.  Why?  Because brothers Gonn
I spent the day at Comic-Con in beautiful downtown San Diego.  It was an overwhelming experience.  I walked by the likes of Lou Feragno and Stan Lee, and just missed Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith and the cast of Heroes.  In the geek world it doesn't get any better. The one thing that I did take
You may have noticed that the Pirate thing is doing okay for Disney. In fact,  Mickey News is reporting that the merchandise from the movie based on a ride is such a hit, that a television series my be the natural next step.  You follow? What they're saying is that everyone's favorite swashbuckling pirate may