Pixar News from Comic-Con

I spent the day at Comic-Con in beautiful downtown San Diego.  It was an overwhelming experience.  I walked by the likes of Lou Feragno and Stan Lee, and just missed Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith and the cast of Heroes.  In the geek world it doesn’t get any better.

The one thing that I did take catch was a panel of PIxar filmmakers, Ralph Eggelston (For the Birds), Andrew Jimenez (One Man Band), and Katherine Sarafian (Lifted) discussing the studio’s short films.

The big news was that they announced a new Pixar DVD to be released on November 6th.  The Pixar Shorts: A Short History, will include 13 of their acclaimed shorts plus an exclusive documentary.

They screened the documentary for us, which covered the lifespan of Pixar, from it’s days at LucasFilm, through the hiring of John Lassetter and the selling of imaging software, to the studio we know and love today, stopping with the creation of a little movie called Toy Story.

It was entertaining and insightful.

The Disney presence was felt on the convention floor as well, with a large Pirates exhibit, ABC Family previews and, well, stuff.  Lots of stuff.

On Saturday there will be previews and panels for The Chronicles of Narnia- Prince Caspian, and Pixar’s next film, WALL*E.

If you don’t have a ticket, sorry it’s sold out.  Don’t worry, I’ll be missing it with you.