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Is Vanessa Hudgens Being Replaced?

By now you’ve probably heard about the nude photo of Vanessa Hudgens that is making its way around the internet.  Yes, I’ve seen it.  No, I’m not going to link to it.  And no, I didn’t search for it- it was sent to me by someone that suggested it was a fake. 

I would have believed that it was, but Hudgens has released a statement through her rep stating that the photo is indeed her in all her bare glory.  She says that it is a personal matter.

Us Magazine is reporting that she is being removed from further High School Musical productions:

“Due to the recent scandal of “High School Musical” star Vanessa
Hudgens’ naked photo scandal, Execs at Disney have parted ways with the
star and have decided to replace her with “Cheetah Girls” star Adrienne

The decision came just hours after the scandal became
public and got to the offices at Disney. Says insiders, “It was an
extremely hard decision to do. Vanessa has become apart of the family,
but we felt it was irresponsible of her to do what she did.”

What did she do? At this point it is just one photo of her, standing alone, nude.  Sure, it’s not the image that Disney wants to promote, but it’s a lot better than the Lohans of the world that are still supporting tragic lifestyles on Disney’s dime.

I’m guessing, although I don’t know many of you, that we have all been nude at some point in our lives.  At least once.

What do you think?  Is Disney doing the right thing, assuming that the source sited by Us Magazine is correct?  Or do you think it is a knee-jerk reaction?  Honestly, I can see a case for either side.

Update: Disney is now saying they stand by Ms. Hudgens after she apologized for having been photographed in the nude. "I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust
means the world to me," Hudgens said in a statement. "I am embarrassed over
this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am
thankful for the support of my family and friends." Well, there you have it, another fairytale Disney ending. (updated by John)

60 thoughts on “Is Vanessa Hudgens Being Replaced?”

  1. I live in the foreign country.
    I watched HSM many times. The chemistry of Zac and Vanessa was splendid. Because it was true. It caught the heart of people across the border simply because there was not a lie.
    They are young. Why can people attack it?
    I forgot a feeling to be in love with a person for many years. They reminded of it. Please please help them.
    (There may be rudeness for PC translation)

  2. I don’t believe the latest development about Disney parting ways with Vanessa. Seems way to early to make any major decision like that… and to replace her so quickly with another star. I just can’t see all of that happening that quickly. Plus, there were no official quotes from anybody at Disney, just an “insider”. I’m waiting to hear more from Disney. They have a mess to clean up now.

  3. If Annette Funicello had allowed a nude photo to be taken you can bet she would have instantly been pulled from any future productions. Walt had a line put in her contract that said she could never even show her belly button in those beach party films.

    Now, I’m not saying that’s what should happen here. We have different attitudes about our bodies these days. Now, if this was a Paris Hilton sex tape, that’s a different matter.

  4. If, in fact, these “rumors” are true, I must say that I agree with Disney. I have young, impressionable daughters who watch the High School Musical movies~ along with other Disney-made films~ and I like the fact that Disney would take a stand against such things~ rather than just turn their back and act like it didn’t happen. It speaks volumes to young girls.
    I just asked my 13-year old daughter what she thinks~ she agreed with me. It’s so sad to see all these young girls go bad.
    Just my opinion.

  5. I admit we are in a different time with different attitudes, but I still think Disney is held (and should continue to hold itself) to a higher standard.

    Disney needs to send a clear message to the entertainers they hire that they *have* to be conscious of the family-oriented branding of the company – whether they are cast members on stage, screen, TV, theme parks, etc.

    Rather than severing ties completely considering the investment Disney has made in Vanessa perhaps it’s time to move her into the more mature Disney brands. Then, this isn’t the first time a teen idol has tried to mature their image to transition their career to more serious work.

    Disney needs to do major housecleaning with Lohan who seems to be tragically headed the same direction as Britney Spears. However, I would hardly put Vanessa Hudgens and Lindsey Lohan in the same category – posing nude doesn’t show the lack of character that a hit-and-run does.

  6. OK so I had my TiVo all set for the Dancealong that was set to air this Saturday on Disney Channel, but now the schedule on TiVo as well as says that the original High School Musical is set to air.. A few places within the Disney website still show the originally planned broadcast date for it, but the promo commercial has been removed from their XD video player…

    Does anyone know what’s going on here or if this is somehow part of the Vanessa scandal?

  7. I agree that Disney SHOULD release her. My children are 8, 10, and 12 and they love HSM! They loved HSM1 and were really excited when HSM2 came out. Now we feel ripped off. Vanessa Hudgeon’s wholesome image is plastered throughout all their promotional campaign and to have this issue right beside it is hurting the Disney image and company. It is very hypocritical and Disney should re-think their plan.

  8. I don’t see how you can act like Vanessa is corrupting your children. A few images exist and they seem to be very hard to come across. Furthermore, she did no want them to be in the public. Pictures be damned, Vanessa Anne Hudgens is a fine role model for your children.

  9. don’t replace vanessa hudgens. not only is vanessa hudgens a beautiful actress and singer she also a great role model. so what if she is nude in a photo this does not mean she meant to take the photo and she definetely did not waned on the enternet or anywhere for that matter. vanessa hudgens is the main reason why i watch hsm1 and hsm2. also zac efron is actuallly going out with vanessa whitout her the movie would stink because she and zac efron have great chemistry and real love not only in the movie but in real life too. If disney replaces vanessa, not only will you lose publicity but you will lose your fans. If there was no Vanessa Hudgens high school musical would not be as much of a success as it is, and you know it! vanessa hudgens and zacs chemistry made the movie. without vanessa there is no chemistry and without chemisry no hsm3. without vanessa it all goes downhill for hsm 1, 2, and 3. So kepp vanessa. If disney loses an asset like Vanessa Hudgens they are screwed so if you want success kepp vanessa. If you ask me I don’t she was the one who took the picture. probably a crazed fan and if that is the case she is inisent either way keep vanessa Hudgens and do whatever you can to do so. By the way every single one of my friend and my 60 cousins and friends of friends, when they turn on the t.v. the first thing they do is go to the disney channel. And on every single person i know has december 11 marked on their calendar, you know why because that is the day hsm2 comes out on dvd. also every single person i know has the hsm dvd and it is their favorate and mine too. So if you want success you gotto have vanessa. Or all your viewers will say “I Gotta Go My Own Way”

  10. This whole thing is a terrible same. Let’s face it, right or wrong, a careless act can destroy a career. It has in the past, and only time will tell if it does here.

    If she DOES get let go by Disney, she can probably expect a lot of sleazy offers to come her way to capitalize on this whole thing. If she has the courage to turn that work down (something a certain Who’s the Boss fan never passed up), she might emerge from this in a little time, a lot wiser. She also might find that her career might rebound nicely.

    Thing is, She’s 18. She is considered an adult and she had every right to take that photo and give it to whomever she wanted. That said, the person who presumably stole it and sold it? That is even more troubling. The fact that someone destroyed the career of a promising young star for filthy lucre.

    Never underestimate how low society will sink to try to topple a star.

  11. I think that Disney may have to replace VH. I have an eight yo daughter who thinks she is the greatest and sadly will now know even heros can make big mistakes.

    And while I have been naked many times in my life, it has never happened in front of a camera – once I got out of diapers.

  12. I’ve never watched either of the High School Musicals, and so did not even know who you were referring to when you cited “Vanessa Hudgens.”

    I’m not sure what the whole story is on this situation. Was this a photo for her boyfriend? Did he, like a lot of young men might do in a braggadocios manner, show or give it to his friends and one them uploaded it to the web? Did one of them steal it and upload it? Did Ms. Hudgens upload it herself to move away from the “Disney girl” label?

    And to parents who say they have impressionable children who are 8, 10 and 12 years old I have to ask two questions; under normal circumstances, how will they ever see this photo? And, if they do, what ever happened to sitting down with your children and explaining that this may not have been the wisest decision Ms. Hudgens could have made?

    If young children’s computer time is monitored by parents, I think they could mitigate the chances of their children seeing this photo while they are too young to do so. But if they do, it should be viewed as an opportunity to do what parents are supposed to do; talk to your children and make it a teaching/learning exercise.

    I hope that Disney’s final decision is not to release Ms. Hudgens for this situation. This does not seem to be a case of someone acting out purposefully with bad behavior, but more likely a private, personal matter by an of-age young lady that was never meant to be publicized. If this was an act initiated by Ms. Hudgens herself to get away from Disney’s “tweens” movie line, well, Disney obviously thought she was a good enough actress to cast her in two previous HSM movies and an upcoming third, so just move her over to their more mature line of productions and continue to use her apparent talent on the big screen.

  13. I for one have E-Mailed Disney’s Management and Board tot ell them how big a mistake it would be to lose Vanessa for any reason. Vanessa is still a fine role model. Oh, she was naked, huh? Yes, that happens to everyone. It’s not like she sold the picture herself to a newspaper. It getting on the internet had nothing to do with her.

    Vanessa Must Stay.

  14. I don’t think that she should be punished so severely. The pictures she took were personal and were not meant to be leaked they were specifically for her boyfriend Zac Efron, and if she is punished for taking them then why does he go free and he is the one who had to give it out.

    Vanessa Hudgens is a great actress, and she should not be replaced. No one can replace her role, she plays the role perfectly. To all the sudden switch persons will ruin the WHOLE highschool musical film.

    P/S: No one is perfect, we all have our wild, embarrasing moments and this was hers.

    She’s not a druggy. She hasn’t gotten a DUI. She’s not in a pornography movie. This is simply a personal photo of herself to her boyfriend that was (hopefully accidentally, but i somehow do think not)leaked.

  15. Hello?! The woman had her personal photo LEAKED onto the web, and is fired for it? What about the guy TAKING said photo? How is he not also fired? Why fire either of them? People have lives outside of their work, and a lot of that is not meant for consumption by outsiders.
    To all the parents squealing “But think of the children”: your energy would better spent doing your job and not showing those nude photos to their kids. Oh, you don’t show nude Disney Star photos to your children? Well then, what the hel1 are you worried about?

  16. I expected Disney to have higher standards than Hollywood, and this just shows that money talks LOUD. I know several hundred moms who are also disappointed and I’m already supporting a campaign. Ms. Hudgeons is a hypocrit. It is DISHONEST to sit in an interview and talk about other actors who are an embarrasment to the industry (Ex. Lindsay Lohan), when you have a skelton in your own closet. This example is showing to the youth that it’s okay to be dishonest. Yes, no one is perfect, but actors should be smart enough to realize they are NOT like us when they are in the public eye. I’m not surprised to see her publicist and lawyers spinning around to clean this mess up. Why were they not smart enough to tell her in the beginning of her Disney career that she is making millions off of kids with her clean image-so she needs to stay out of anything humiliating??? Accidently leaked or not, that’s not the point so please don’t side-track.

    Nudity is NOT okay especially to impressionable young girls. Why do young girls have to feel that they need to be semi-nude or nude to keep a man attracted anyways? What message is this conveying to the youth? Disney is not going to even give her a slap on the wrist, which speaks even louder to me as a parent-they want to keep the money coming in. Whatever happened to being decent, honest, modest, and smart? Those of you who want to flame me for trying to raise my children in a decent world or accuse me otherwise, go ahead. I am taking a big stand on this because of my children.

    If Disney wants to revamp their formula, now is a great time to do it and start fresh with the third installment!

    My kids said that HSM#2 was a major disappoint. Too much singing and dancing, to the point of annoying with lack of a good plot.

  17. Personally i love both HSM 1 and 2, although i never liked her acting much because it wasnt that good i still like her. and yes her and zac’s chemistry in the movies are great and i also think if they replace her it will definately not be the same. However, i do think what she did was wrong. yes, everyone is human and she is 18 but she knows she has a image to hold and not just any image but a disney image which appeals to younger children. knowing this she should have never taken those pictures in the 1st place or never let them get into the wrong hands. She says she took them for her own personal reasons to keep Zac interested. and i foudn that a little funny because it pretty sad that u have to take nude photos of ourself to keep your boyfriend interested in you. i dont know if its only me but thats what i think. but i dont think they should replace her but i also dont think they should make anymore HSM’s because everything has their limit and i doubt the storyline for 3 is going to be all that good. but i can relate to both disney’s side and vanessa’s. Disney has the right to let her go because of the image they are holding. and she made a mistake and sometimes you have to learn the hard way and thats what it seems like shes going to do.

  18. Samantha, I can’t believe what I’m reading. You’re trying to say that Vanessa is somehow telling your children to strip and put pictures on the internet. ENough of this rubbish. it is up to the parents to teach the children what is right, not their role models. Vanessa is not dishonest, she’s just got a private life. A PRIVATE life. Everyone has one.

    And furthermore, your kids are clearly in the minority. Most people felt that High School Musical 2 was a significant improvement on the first.

    And stop hiding behind the “my children” thing. The fact that you’re getting so uptight about this makes that seem slightly odd. If it bothers you that much, why not try talking to your kids in the unlikely event that they ever come across these pictures?

    Besides which, why would Disney want to revamp a formula which is working so well?

    Leave Vanessa alone. Impressionable children or not, she has done nothing wrong. She’s still a fine role model. People have a right to a private life. No matter what they do. And besides, mistakes are made. Hiding that from your children is tantamount to lieing.

  19. I’m going to keep this simple. Celebrities and Athletes should never be held up to the standard of being a “role model”. I think any parent that allows that is just asking for trouble.

    Role models should be people your kids can actually interact with in real life.

    As far as what she’s done. I don’t think what she’s done has tarnished her image in my mind what-so-ever. If she had sat down with Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt or took pictures for Maxim magazine, I’d ahve another opinion.

    What she did was behind closed doors. I think whoever took the picture and allowed it to get into the public eye has done a for worse moral transgression than what she did.

    An anyone who is saying that she is a hypocrite because she’s portraying a wholesome image and then turns around and does this. I have this to say….

    She plays a character who is wholesome. I don’t think she’s ever claimed to be wholesome. Plus, my definition of wholesome and yours will differ because everyone’s opinion is biased by one’s own moral and religious code.

  20. i never thought i’d say this,
    but disney sucks i would never watch or buy another disney product.
    shame on you vanessa you should just go away!!! walt disney would roll over in his grave right now.
    it’s not right you disney exec’s need to hold up walt disney standards what makes her more special than annette,judy garland, mickey mouse. she’s worse than lohan at least lohan has a problem!! venessa has no morals or common sense.i hate disney for this its a sad day.
    a dad with all girls!!!!!

  21. i dont get it… why the moms keep telling and posting.. that her childrens are been corrupting…. i mean.. HELLO MOMS!!… the childrens..( yeards old) can not surf in the internet… cos.. your dutty.. is NOt to let them!!.. cos they r young!!.. so… if they heared about that… ok.. but if they see the pic.. If Your fall momy!!…. Come on.. leave the poor girl alone….
    And moms.. pls..d ont pretend be so “saint” cos no one is it!!… i can asure that everybody “brokeherself” one time in the life.. so!! Peace out!

  22. The moral crusaders are at it again. Before you destroy the life of another person try to examine yourself, the person who has not done anything wrong go ahead and give her the boot and end her career. Otherwise, just mind your own business. There are a lot of people in the world right now who make mistakes but don’t have the balls to own up to them and take responsibility. This girl step up to the plate and immediately apologize for the error committed. It seems that those who want to end her career are the very same people supporting the freaking American president who made the world a more dangerous place. At least at age 18 she knew when to own up to her mistakes and make amends for it.. while the American president can’t even own up to the fact that Iraq was a mistake and America as a country is more hated now and more prone to terrorists attacks because of his gun hoe I know better plan that uses God as an excuse. Shame shame shame.

  23. In response to Jam 21

    I am more ashamed of the way you reacted to the story and placing yourself above another person. I’m also a Filipino and I am proud that she was able to own up to her mistake. It speaks volume of her character as a person. It takes strength to admit one’s fault and try to move on from it. You for one know that this is very uncommon in our country where our politicians deny to the death anything bad that they do and they are old and have a say in our economy! This girl owned up to her mistakes and is making amends. I am proud that she had the guts to do so not unlike majority of our leaders. Before you sentence this girl and kababayan look and examine yourself first and see if you have not done anything wrong yourself. “SHe who is without sin, cast the first stone”

  24. I cant believe vanessa did that but i still love her!!! Shes so Koool! How can they replace her with adrian whatever ewww zac n her not such a good couple.. so Heck NO she shouldnt get replaced… so I reallly hope she doesnt get replaced cuz her n zac r perfect 4 hsm….an fo eachother… So please disney do not replace her!!!! Vanessa U Rock! but dont do waht u did anymore!!! lol

  25. HEy Vanessa if ur readin this! Dont listen to dem Haterz….Ur Awesome u made one bad mistake….juss dont do it agen ok… i really hope u dont get replaced cuz ur perfect 4 this role… No matter what happens im still a huge fan of U! an im on yo side! iight payce…

  26. Disney will keep her because they are solely interested in the $$$. Aside from Pixar, the company has had one flop after another. Walt’s turning over in his grave right now and the disney execs should be ashamed of themselves. They need to put more effort into hiring decent kids. Vanessa took those photos to prostitute herself by enticing Drake Bell to help her esltablish a career. Pathetic.

  27. Come one she’s human…Weren’t we born naked??? don’t we all have baby pictures of us being naked??? The only difference is she’s older…This matter that has been taken far out of proportion has not changed the way I feel about her…shes a very beautiful talented actress and having her replaced would be a stupid move…I would not watch HSM 3 if she is replaced!!!

  28. If Disney ever made the mistake of replacing her, I along with maybe . . . thouands . . . millions . . . billions of fans would refuse to watch High School Musical 3 or any other whether productions of it. The magic that attracts us to High School Musical would be tanished. High School Musical 2 is recorded as the most watched cable movie in the history of television. That’s a little reminder to those on Disney for the money and who even consider removing Vanessa.
    Yeah, she took a private nude picture of her. Hint the word ‘private’. It was never meant to be shared with anyone. Also, the fact that this picture was taken before her work with Disney is another. It was something from the past and that was where it was supposed to remain. Blamed the person who doesn’t have respect for privacy.
    Some people won’t believe how many teens watch Disney Channel and how many more watch HSM on tv or DVD or listen to the music. ‘Kids on Disney Channel are just like you.’ She is a teen and so are we so she would be punished for being a teenager and making a mistake like the rest of us?Disney has a rep to hold, I understand that. But it would be hypocritcal to let go Vanessa while Lohan had been in Disney after some things she has done.
    I am a teenager and so is my little sister. I did some things that neither me or my parents would be proud of. But I am a good girl and a good person. And so is Vanessa despite what happened. She did what a lot other ‘older’ celebs didn’t: owned up to her mistake, apologize for any disturbance or betrayal of her fans and other people and moved on.
    So to the parents who are now critizing and are now conscending Vanessa as any type of role model, here are two things:
    1. Vanessa isn’t an little angel that has fallen from God’s grace. She isn’t perfect. She is a good teenage girl who made a private decision out of her character. She also owned up to her mistake and moved on.
    Isn’t that responsible action Vanessa did? She is a responible and honest person. That speaks volumes and the fact that she can hold her head up high and move on shows her as a strong woman who looks forward. Isn’t that what you want your children to be, especially your daughters?

    2.Good kids make mistakes. People makes mistakes. Didn’t you?

    To those who are reading this if they are:

    Parents: She maybe a celebrity but she is still a teenage and a human being.

    Teens: Those who crititize: shut up. We shouldn’t be talking. And those who still support her, right on.

    Disney: I can’t see anybody else as Gabriella Montrez other than Ms. Vanessa Anne Hudgens. And neither can the other millions of fans of HSM. Don’t disappoint them.

    Vanessa: You have my support, 24/7, 365 days a year and 110%. I am sorry that your privacy was violated. But as a teen to another, I am proud of the way you handled it. That’s what really matters; how we rise from the fall, how we respond, etc. *sniff* I feel like proud mama. *sniff* LOL That sounded weird, didn’t it?
    See you in the movies. Ciao, bella.
    God bless you!

  29. Vanessa should be replaced right away. This is a serious matter and I don’t want my kids to be looking up to such a disgrace to thr disney name. Some parents and I have gotten together to support Adrienne Bailon. Children all around the world idolize these people and she is not one of them.

  30. I believe she absolutely must be fired. How can she pretend to be a role model to young girls after a stunt like this? Disney should take a stand for the morals that Walt Disney would have upheld if he were alive today and not worry about the $. In the long run, it will be more profitable to fire her. I know many many people who will boycot Disney any other production with her in it.

  31. I think that she should stay because everybody has mistakes.She is a very good person.She is the best character in hsm2.She is a beautiful,talented young teen.Those who despise her,think about yourself.Have you ever made a mistake and been rubbed in your face and got fired been enough for you.So take an easy on her!!So vote to be nice!!!

  32. Honestly, this whole thing has been blown out of proportion! Have any of you people who are condemning her seen the picture? It’s of her standing straight without clothes on in a bedroom…That’s it. She’s not doing anything lascivious, no sexual overtures or motions, nothing that could be construed as sexual in nature. She’s MUCH better off compared to the antics of Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton, that’s for sure. The feel I’m getting is that people are equating a naked picture to a full-blown sex tape or something just as grave. Look up the picture and judge for yourself. Don’t rely on rumors of what the picture contains that could have been twisted beyond the truth by the time they got to you.

    If parents of young children do what they are supposed to as parents, the kids will never see this photograph or have the access to see the photograph. They would be non the wiser. And to the parents who think their kids are unaware of adult themed things, for the most part you are sadly mistaken. Kids know more and more things that they shouldn’t from school and their peer interactions.

    She is an actress! The character she portrays in HSM is not the person she is in real life! People tend to confuse a person’s public persona to their private ones. This should have nothing to do with HSM since there was nothing in the picture to even suggest HSM or Disney.

    People are better off explaning to their kids what happened, if they kids ask. If they don’t know what’s going on, what’s the point of fussing about it?

  33. If Adrienne Bailon replaces Vanessa Hudgens me and my friends and probably many other people will not watc High School Musical 3.

  34. This is the email I sent Disney in respond to Vanessa Anne Hudgens photos scandal.

    First, I like to take the opportunity to thank you for making a section that consumers can voice the opinions. Some companies wouldn’t be forthcoming but I’m glad to see that Disney isn’t hiding anything from us(consumers).

    Okay this a complaint against HSM star Vanessa Anne Hudges and questionable photos.

    As a parent of a little girlwho dearly loves everything Disney like Kim Possible, TSR, etc, and etc. I’d say your decision to keep Vanessa Anne Hudgens is very troubling. I remember Disney used to stand for intergrity and innocence of children.

    I may sound prudish but I considered Disney to be the last place that children to go for peace, in a way. Where kids didn’t have to worry about objectionble hitting our kids in the face.

    I find backing Vanessa Anne Hudgens to be dispecable and hurtful to our children. Whether she a role model or not is not entirely the question, but she does represent Disney. I noticed even now how her faced is still in the ads as if none of the photos exists, but they do and they are sick and ugly.

    I’m sorry if financial gains is your top concern but my concern is making sure my kids don’t have to worry about such thing til they are of age.

    I have come to a decision and that is to not allow any Disney related merchandises or media in my house. I know my kids will be very upset and it will pained me, but I feel like I have to do my part as parent to watch over them and stand up for my belief.

    I guess this means I’m boycotting Disney and I have to say I’m sad about it, but I have to do this…I just have to do this.

    Again, I thank you for listening and giving me the means to voiced my complaint.

    Thank you.

  35. So then wait, what’s the issue here? Overprotective mothers are scared that their children are going to see nude photos (sorry; one nude photo) of a Disney Channel actress on the internet?

    Well I know it sounds crazy, but maybe you could… monitor their internet activity? I don’t even believe she made a mistake. She’s 18, right? That’s legal. And it was a private photo. Who cares? Shouldn’t we be more upset with whoever leaked the photo? I don’t think she should be fired at all; it’s her business, and yeah, it’s a shame that it was made public, which clearly hurt her image of being “wholesome” or whatever. But if your kids are so impressionable that a photo that they won’t even see changes the way they are… then you have bigger problems to worry about.

  36. I don’t think Vanessa should be replaces. she is a beautiful actress!!!!! who would imagine HSM 3 without vanessa?????? It wouldn’t be the same, i wouldn’t even try to see it!!!!!!!!! The chemistr between zac and vanessa works perfectly and it wouldn’t work with somebody else. If she is replaced, which i hope not, i couldnt imagina how would the other version would be, it would be horrible!!!!!!!! DISNEY people, please think twice before releasing vanessa, i love her, she is the best actress and without her, HSM would be the worst movie. Poeple make mistakes and learn from them; vanessa all ready accepted and apologized herself , what else do you want??????? Plase keep working with her because the cast is really cool and with the cheetah girl, it will be a disaster.

  37. i no she did it but she just can’t leave the 3ed hsm cuz they are a family now hsm would not be the same now i really don’t want to see it cuz she is not going to be in it well i hate that she is not

  38. As a parent I think Disney is in the wrong by standing by her. She is a terrible role model for our children. It was not one mistake, but many. They need to lose her1!!

  39. i love vannessa she did a bad thing i’m ten and i’m not botherd who cares i just wanna see hsm 3 with vannessa in many celebs make mistakes worse than this and all my friends agree even some who hate me

  40. i think vannesa hudgens should not be replaced because she is the best and she only did it because she was upset so it wasnt her fault she was upset and she is my romodle and the show will not do without her.and i will not watch it without her so keep her pleae please please.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  41. hiya dw bout the pics zac would not do that to u its was ur ex bf dno who he is but its not zac see ya tasha–x

  42. U would be really retarded to take vanessa off. do u think high school musical will be the same without her? i think not. it is just one photo and disney is about to dissapoint ALOT OF LITTLE KIDS that doesn’t even know why the stupid cheetah girl is reaplacing her…. KEEP HER!!!!!! (PLEASE)


  43. what the …If Adrienne Bailon replaces Vanessa Hudgens me , my class , most of HSM fans and probably many other people will not watch High School Musical 3. Why ? is just a foto (better than LInsay lohand )! I think that ,that stupid cheetah girls is such a dumb!NOW everybody HATE her! anyway please don’t replace Vanesssa !

  44. vanesssa used to be my idol but now all i see is a fake plastic doll trying to be a slut and all i want to know is why? why vanessa what is so inportant for you to show your body.

  45. what i said it is ture but also plz leave her on she is so talented and amazing so plz plz plz let her stay on

  46. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I do not I repeat do not want Adrienne Bailon from the Cheetah girls take over vanessa hudgens, because she does not have the look and she does not have the voice. Please let vanessa have another chance. So I hope she learned her lesson. Thank you for your time.

  47. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I do not I repeat do not want Adrienne Bailon from the Cheetah girls take over vanessa hudgens, because she does not have the look and she does not have the voice. Please let vanessa have another chance. So I hope she learned her lesson. Thank you for your time.

  48. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I do not I repeat do not want Adrienne Bailon from the Cheetah girls take over vanessa hudgens, because she does not have the look and she does not have the voice. Please let vanessa have another chance. So I hope she learned her lesson. Thank you for your time.

  49. wat wat just happened i cant believe u posted a pic naked u and zac.u guys were so cute but he broke up wit u ????????? now he is wit miley omg omgh

  50. wat wat just happened i cant believe u posted a pic naked u and zac.u guys were so cute but he broke up wit u ????????? now he is wit miley omg omgh

  51. I really think Vanessa should be in HSM 3 cause it will not be HSM 3 without her. True she did do something wrong but everyone makes mistakes, no ones perfect.

  52. You should keep her in HSM because all of her fans and all of the people who were looking forward to seeing her in HSM3 i can tell you now i dont like the cheetah girls as much as Vanessa Hudgens!!!!So i say re-higher her!

  53. KEEP HER KEEP HER KEEP HER KEEP HER KEEP HER KEEP HER KEEP HER.HSM is not the same without her and you are going to disapoint a lot of little peeps and thats not right!

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