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Dream Jobs & Empty Pockets

Apparently Disney can justify the ridiculously low wages that they pay their park employees with a recent poll which shows Americans want fun from their jobs, not money.

According to Vacation Magic, an Interenet newsletter for members of the Disney Vacation Club, Disney Parks and conducted a survey focusing on "dream jobs."  The
results claim that over 80% of U.S. workers aren’t working at what they consider their "dream job."  I’m of the opinion that this is not news to most of us.  The study went on to report that "fun, not money, is the key to
making employment dreams come true."

defines a dream job is surprisingly reminiscent of childhood wishes for
many workers," said Richard Castellini, Vice President of Consumer
Marketing for "Workers said they want to enjoy their
work experience, apply their talents and feel like they’re making an
impact. Having fun at work was the most important attribute of a dream
job for 39 percent of workers, which heavily outweighed the 12 percent
who said salary was most important.

While I would agree with this in theory, I would assume that most people surveyed answered with the belief that the money at said "dream job" would be enough to afford them at least a modest level of living. 

For a company constantly criticized over it’s low wages this seems an interesting survey to conduct and glorify, even going so far to label it as part of the Million Dreams campaign.  Obviously most Disney park cast members are choosing the fun, but let’s not rub their noses in it.