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Disney Introduces New Princess

MSNBC is reporting that Disney’s decision to hold it’s annual shareholder meeting in New Orleans was, according to CEO Robert Iger, a show of support for the city that is still recovering after being flooded by Hurricane Katrina.  It also provided the perfect platform to announce an additional sign of support, "The Frog Princess", Disney’s newest animated film will also be set in the city.  Of course, we already figured that.

Plot details were not released, but preliminary drawings were shown to shareholders and composer Randy Newman performed a song created for the film.

The big news, according to the media, is not just the introduction of the latest addition to the popular Disney Princess Collection, but that she, Maddy, is black.  The inclusion of a black heroine is obviously long overdue and will hopefully help in putting to rest the lingering accusations of racism that have followed Disney since the days of Walt.

The hand-drawn film, which John Lasseter calls "an American fairy tale", is scheduled for a 2009 release date.